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I've always wanted to visit some of the places in Fallout games since they use a lot of real world locations. I've gone to D.C. and Pittsburgh but I was always there for another purpose so I didn't go anywhere specifically for the game. Then 76 came out and I realized I would be able to take a relatively cheap trip to see a whole bunch of locations all in one go. I just wanted to share my trip with all of you and maybe inspire a few more people to take a trip of their own.

For starters here is the route I took and some pictures I took along the way.

I stopped at 8 in-game locations over the course of 3 days:

Pickett's Fort – They rebuilt the original fort on the site and have a museum and reenactors that do programs and demonstrations throughout the day. It's inside a state park that has other areas and activities you can do as well.

The Mothman Museum – located in Point Pleasant, I was able to go through the museum as well as see the statue and some other locations in the town.

Hillbilly Hotdogs – Stopped in for some food and had a look around at all of the wonderful junk they had. You could easily go everyday for a week and still find hidden jokes and items laying around this place. You can even get married there.


Camden Park – Unfortunately it's almost as run down as the version in game, but I was still able to take a ride on the Big Dipper, grab some snacks and play some games.

Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine – A great living history site that includes a miner's museum, kid's activities, redone buildings from coal mines around the site and a guided tour of the mine that explained how miners worked through the years. I highly recommend this stop.

Lost World Caverns a.k.a Uncanny Caverns(I think) – A self guided tour and gift shop in a large cavern with large calcium structures. They also do more intense spelunking tours. Take note that there is a pretty long, steep staircase to get down into the caverns.

Greenbrier Resort Bunker Tour – The way Bethesda recreated the resort in game was absolutely stunning. It was like I was actually standing in Whitesprings except for the significant lack of robots. And at $40 for the tour it was the most expensive thing I did all weekend.

Harper's Ferry – Finally I spent a few hours exploring the historical town of Harper's Ferry. They have kept a few building from the 1800s in excellent condition with a bunch of museums and reenactors there to show you around. The original armory was burned down during the civil war so I didn't get to have a look around it but there is plenty of other things to do in the park.

This is just the things I was able to cram into a three day trip. It could easily be expanded into a longer trips. Along the way I passed by WVU, Morgantown, Clarksburg, Huntington, Charleston, Lewisburg, and Fort Defiance; which would all make their own excellent stops.

All in all, I had a great time. I'd rate the trip a 7.6/10.

Here are some more pictures.

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