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fallout 3 - Fallout 76 "scrap to learn" calculator

Developed by the Plan Collectors, we bring to you the "scrap to learn" calculator.

Scrapping weapons and armor is a fundamental part of Fallout 76 and how this operates is not always clear. The aim of this post and the calculator is to share our understanding and enable you to collect enough materials to learn the mods you require.

The calculator is here: Scrap to Learn Calculator

In the spreadsheet, you can select a weapon or armor piece and it will tell you how many scraps are required on average as well as an indication of variability. Remember – this is all RNG and so your experience may differ. The calculator will also tell you what materials are required.

A brief guide to scrapping is shown below:

How Scrapping to Learn Works

  • Each "scrap to learn" mod has a chance to be learned – this is hard coded in the game files and is not affected by SPECIAL stats
  • Each time you scrap a weapon/armor piece, the game will check the chance of learning all mods that you haven't learnt yet but you can only learn a maximum of 1 for each scrap
  • This means that the fewer mods left, the chances of learning a mod will be lower

Need to Know – FAQ

  • Mods are either "scrap to learn" or "learn from plan" – never both – see the plan and mod database below to understand which
  • The level of the item does not affect the chance to learn a mod
  • Whether an item is modded or not does not affect the chance to learn a mod (although see note on Black Powder Rifle)
  • SPECIAL stats do not affect the chance to learn a mod (one of the most common myths in the game)
  • Always choose the lowest level item to craft/scrap since it costs less materials
  • For energy weapons – you can use the Science Expert perk to reduce crafting costs
  • For all weapons – you can use the Backwoodsman 3 magazine to reduce crafting costs
  • For all armor – you can use the Armorer Perk to reduce crafting costs
  • For armor, scrapping any of arms/legs/chest allows you to learn mods from any of arms/legs/chest/helmet
  • For armor, it is usually best to scrap arms since they cost the least materials
  • Also, if light/sturdy/heavy variants are possible – always craft the light version as they cost less materials
  • The calculations do not take into account the materials you get back from scrapping
  • The scrapper perk and intelligence increases the materials you get back from scrapping
  • Armor mods and radium mods have drastically lower learn rates than other items
  • Always use the super duper perk when crafting to use less materials for the same number of scraps
  • The Black Powder Rifle has 1 mod: the "large bayonet" – unusually either the mod box or a pre-modded weapon must be scrapped to learn this
  • Combat and Metal helmet plans are learned by scrapping the helmets themselves noting that helmet mods are learned from scrapping armor pieces

Credits: * The Plan Collector Discord * The FO76 Datamining Discord

Please let me know if (when) you find mistakes as well as your constructive comments.

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