Fallout 76 should have something like Rifts from Diablo 3

fallout 7 - Fallout 76 should have something like Rifts from Diablo 3

*If you're not sure how rifts work, essentially it's an endless dungeon grind. You start on say, greater rift level 1 and go all the way up to 999+ or whatever. The higher the level, the more rare drops, more "legendary"-style monsters, enemy resistances/maxhp/total counts of enemies eventually get so ridiculous you need to have a broken build to progress. To beat a rift, you clear out a certain % of enemies which spawns a boss and you have to do so in a time limit.***

Most things aside from a scorchbeast queen, project paradise or the Encryptid events are pretty easy. It'd be nice to take our broken builds to the test and see how far we can push in an endless rift-like mode in Fallout 76.

Daily ops or Expeditions could adapt something like this. I really am hopeful that there will be something to push our characters limits rather then things like Radiation Rumble/the new braman event where we can still 1 shot everything pretty easily. Don't get me wrong, I welcome new events and have been playing these, just they're not the endgame I'd like to see.

The legendary system is already similar to Diablo 3. You get scrip, you turn it in for a chance at a random item of your choice. Higher level "rifts" could yield more scrip, maybe even throw some gold bullion rewards for milestones like "rift lvl 10, 20, etc".


"rift" groups would be a GREAT way to use the new LFG option coming up too, as pushing to higher levels would eventually just not be possible solo. It'd allow for more hybrid builds to be made too, like, I want to make a healer but at the moment it's so niche and not rewarding (xp-wise… no xp for healing that assists a friend's kill) that I've been putting it off.

I also believe "rifts" would work well with out new seasons coming up. Leaderboards could reset every season showcasing which players pushed the furthest solo/in groups of 2/3/4 in rifts. The highest ranked players could be rewarded, or just have bragging rights, climbing ladders is a fun thing to do regardless of what you get at the end(atleast for me).

I could keep going on… ..but yeah. A guy can dream. I'd love to have some sort of ladder ranking system back in Fallout. Given the game has dropped Survival, where Survival PvP was my endgame, I'd like to see some serious challenges for our wastelanders who have been gearing up for so long.

tldr; I think an endless dungeon grind similiar to how "rifts" work in Diablo 3 would fit into Fallout 76 really well. I hope the new daily ops or more likely expeditions can bring challenges to our high level players who slap around most things in the wasteland.

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