Fallout 76 Shouldn’t Have Been 100% Canon

fallout 2 - Fallout 76 Shouldn't Have Been 100% Canon

Bethesda should delare Fallout 76 semi-canon like they did with Tactics meaning SOME elements are canon but overall the game is not pure canon. I think making this game 100% canon only ruined it for not only Bethesda, but for the fans too. On one hand Bethesda had to retcon a ton of existing lore which pissed of the fans, including me (West-Tek with FEV poisoning the water, are you kidding me?) and on the other hand they won't be able to add any more pre existing stuff without causing more upheaval. If it's semi-canon, Bethesda can add anything they can possibly imagine into the game so the players can have fun and the fans don't have to worry about the lore Bethesda seems to love changing. As for the casual fans who just play Fallout because it's fun and don't care about lore, they would not care at all if the game is canon or not and would most likely be happier to see more content Bethesda previously wouldn't be able to implement due to inconsistency. Making this game canon was a bad call. Appalachia itself, the scorched, the cryptids, the environmental storytelling, all of that for instance could've been canon in the universe, but the game itself wouldn't be. That way there's a clear canon and then there's just a wacky fun game. Neat and no one gets burned.


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