Fallout 76 Simulation Theory Explained and Expanded

fallout 8 - Fallout 76 Simulation Theory Explained and Expanded

There are many different theories surrounding that fallout 76 is a simulation, they have different explanations and reasonings behind them, so I’m here to bring them all together.

First of all, what is the Simulation Theory? The theory’s main idea is that the world in which we the players play in, isn’t taking place in the actual cannon but rather in a failed Vault-Tec/Virtual Strategic Solutions experiment for what the aftermath of a nuclear war would look like. This may sound crazy but there’s some pretty major evidence behind this.

One of the first pieces of evidence is one terminal entry in the Archival Terminal in the Whitesprings Bunker, which says the following, ”Secretary Eckhart, please, you need to listen to me. None of the other members will take me seriously, but I believe this is of the utmost importance. We are slaves, Mr. Secretary. I've been running some tests and I believe I've stumbled upon what I believe to be conclusive evidence that we are trapped, playing someone else's game. Virtual Strategic Solutions' game, that is. Everything around you, Mr. Secretary, is a simulation. A projection onto your brain. VSS has trapped us in here, and it is up to us to break free. The key to our escape, I believe, lies in a small town in what we perceive to be China. It's the link to VSS' external network. If we destroy it, it will shut down the simulation and I believe finally be free. I cannot tell you exactly why we've been imprisoned. Perhaps this is a test by the upper ranks to make us earn our way into their good graces. Perhaps VSS has trapped us in here to prevent the Enclave from stopping whatever nefarious acts they're currently visiting upon the world in our absence. But we must do something, Mr. Secretary. To fail to act is to give up the only thing that makes us men – our freedom.” this terminal entry sets in the fact that there might be a possibility that the world of Appalachia we are in is a simulation. The Virtual Strategic Solutions (VSS) can be called back from Fallout 3 in which the Brotherhood Outcasts have made their main HQ there which you can visit in Operation Anchorage, and the fact that VSS produced the virtual simulations seen in Operation Anchorage, Vault 112, and the Memory Den.


My second piece of evidence comes from the fact that Virtual Reality has been seen in the Fallout series before, similarly to Vault 112 in the Capital Wastes, having the residents not knowing that their lives are just simulated by Dr. Stanislaus Braun. And not to mention the fact that Vault-Tec would benefit by having some sort of simulations to prepare for the Vaults survival and the experiments being successful, testing how the average Vault Dweller would survive in a wasteland and making adjustments accordingly. One last point here is that the Fallout 3 Vault Dweller Survival guide mentions (This may or may not be canon) that Vault-Tec was running simulations for the wasteland to warn the dwellers the dangers of leaving the Vault, could we be apart of those simulations?

My last point here is just the game itself, the camps, the factions, the enemies, everything. Having multiple different variables in a simulation to see the outcome of what the dwellers would do sounds like Vault-Tec does it not? And also the death in the game, remember in Operation Anchorage how the simulated death would mean real death because the system was corrupted? Well what if that’s how the death worked here? The Vaults Mainframe went corrupt after the Great War and it ruined Vault-Tec’s original goal.

This has been my take on the simulation theory.

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