Fallout 76: The state of the game (This needs to be said)

fallout 8 - Fallout 76: The state of the game (This needs to be said)

Bethesda, I love your titles, the ideas, the content, the immersion, your games have helped me get through so much stressful times in life and I am grateful to have played games such as Morrowind and Oblivion (Such immersion, I felt wonderful exploring these lush worlds, doing quests and just losing myself within the game).

But I really need to speak out, in a respectful and calm manner to the current condition of Fallout 76.

These are issues that have been personally effecting my ability to enjoy this product, and seemingly a lot of my fellow players are feeling the pain from as well.

It has been impossible for myself to vendor-hop, I can barely run a silo using skips let alone the poor souls who have to deal with the mainframe cores (I feel terrible for anyone who attempts that post P23)

Firing my weapon at times even causes the server to lag (not just for me, I’ve had servers drop multiple people at once just due to tap-firing)

Ammo magazines never contain the actual amount of ammo that the magazine can hold and claims it has (sometimes it’s even possible to fire 47 times with my 20 round Handmade clip)

Enemies literally just stand there, laughing in my face as I’m using my B/25/25 weapons, unloading torrential lead rainfall upon their blasphemous selves all whilst they’re sitting at 0HP attacking me back, laughing and refusing to die.

I haven’t been able to successfully use a sneak attack whilst in VATS since P23 (Yes, I’ve counted, 2 shots in sneak while ADS, 5-8 whilst in sneak and using VATS)

I’m struggling to find the motivation to even finish the scoreboard S2 pass due to the concoction of frustration brewed by the plethora of issues we as a community are having to deal with.

It’s bad enough that I personally have to deal with it, but when I see my fellow players, my brothers and sisters of the waste also complaining about the exact same problem whilst Bethesda does nothing at all to even acknowledge that the 300 page essay of issues even exists, it honestly hurts, not in a “Oh I am depressed now” way, but rather in a way that feels like my own brother or sister “betrayed” me.


Bethesda has been a company that I’ve loved content from ever since the days of Morrowind, and yes, their games have always had issues, they’ve crashed, pathing isn’t always great, AI at times can feel beyond silly and the list really does go on, but here’s the thing, those were minor issues, those issues never stopped me from enjoying the beautiful world, the treasure chest of content within the game and the music, my god they’re great with music/soundtracks which created a lovely immersive experience.

When it comes to Fallout 76, the cons are starting to outweigh the Pro’s, in a way that completely breaks immersion and causes frustration, which is not why we play games.

Video games have been a way for me, and many others to escape the harsh realities of life, or simply just to enjoy time with friends, but when it gets to the extent that enjoyment becomes a rarity, when over 90% of a Niagara Falls sized friend list remains grey due to the lack of excitement, and when things just “Don’t work”, it gets hard to remain motivated.

I’m by no means going to stop playing Fallout 76, but I have stopped playing it as often, and that to me is worrying because Bethesda’s products have always kept me intrigued, on my toes and deeply immersed in their worlds.

I don’t want to see so many players having issues, I want to see us enjoy the majority of what the game has to offer, but as it stands that outcome currently isn’t something I can see happening.

Bethesda, please, for everyone’s sake, please start dedicating more resources into coding fixes, keep members on cosmetics, keep members coming up with ideas, but when a product is as faulty as Fallout 76 is, there is no reason at all to not focus solely on fixing at least a portion of these game breaking issues.

Signed, Just another Bethesda fan <3

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