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fallout 2 - Fallout 76 thoughts

Firstly credit where credits due, the game isn't as shit as people make it out to be. Is it up to par in todays expectations and standards in the video game industry? Debatable. Is the game fun? Yes, with friends.

I feel this would have been the perfect time to release a game on a new engine. My hypothesis is that Fallout 76 would have been mostly praised if technically and visually it was a big upgrade from anything Bethesda has released before.

It truly feels whilst playing that the age of the engine is cracking through. If the game was visually stunning I'd sink hours into it in that alone as it would be far more visually believable. On a technical stand point it's not great, I don't need to go into all the details you have heard it all before. I hope Bethesda take feedback and adjust to this to please there consumers, no point crying about it.


On a consumer friendly standard I'm not dissatisfied like most. Microtransactions exist in every game now as shitty as it may seem. It could be far worse e.g BFV 3 release dates, Diablo mobile, EA as a whole. It's not that and however mods coming later does suck.

Overall from playtime it really isn't all bad, yeah games ugly as fu*k but grab a few friends and you'll melt some hours into it. Will I buy it full price? Probably not. I'll grab it on a sale.


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