Fallout 76 Was My First Ever Fallout Game, and It Didn’t Pan Out Like I Expected

fallout 3 - Fallout 76 Was My First Ever Fallout Game, and It Didn't Pan Out Like I Expected

I always heard about new vegas and people always spoke well of it. Fallout 4 was always mixed reviews. But i never got either because unlike most of you here i really am not into single player games but i do love pvp, survival, and base building games.

  • Not going to talk about bugs or exploits. I just want to focus on the actual gameplay.


At launch i really liked the game and anytime i like something i end just up min/maxing the life out of it. I think in the first week i was around at least 40 hours played. I would go to work on like 3-4 hours of sleep the week 76 came out.

I was surprised by a lot of the reviews and youtubers but i think the reason i enjoyed it so much is that i had no previous experience with the fallout universe. People always compared it to Fallout 4 but i think that is a really bad mentality.


What i expected

  • Structured servers – like other survival games you pick a server and it becomes the server you can always log back into. I don't like 76 current servers. This becomes an even bigger issue with how basebuilding – and even though they've made improvements it's still quite annoying.

  • Social – i expected some sort of server chat, a more user friendly friends list. God i think guilds/clans would have been such an awesome idea. About a week into launch i rarely saw people show up to events. Once in a blue moon someone will try and contest my workshop but for the most part it was a very lonely multiplayer experience.

  • PvP – i didn't really know what to expect. I'm a big rust player but i wasn't expecting anything as intense. But i did expect competition for resources, but that was always non existent. I rarely encountered pvp and i think i can count how many times i had a pvp encounter on one hand. The pvp encounters i had were almost a mess anyways. I remember i was level 54 and a level 28 one shot me because of how awful the damage scaling was in the game.



Going to explain this point because it was a huge sell for me. When that guy from the reveal talked about fallout 76, having neighbors, building your base, trading etc. He sold me so well on 76 but almost nothing of what he said matched what i experienced in game.


First of all you really don't have neighbors and even if you did chances are either base will disappear because of how base building is in this game. Bases in 76 almost feel non-essential and just function as a fast travel point, at least for me.

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I wanted bases to matter. I wanted certain work stations to only be allowed to be placed in bases. I want locations for bases to be contested due to nearby resources. But of course, none of that can happen.

  • Combat – didn't know what to expect from the combat system. I mean it's nothing revolutionary but it's also not bad. I think 76 missed a great opportunity to with weapons. Could have added some really awesome stuff and have unique rare weapons that dropped from bosses.

  • Gearing – As i said above 76 missed a great opportunity to add unique and rare items to the game. Items that could have been dropped by bosses/end game monsters.

  • NPCS – yeah i expected NPCs, i think this would have been a totally different game (for the better) if there were NPCs. But it's not too late – or at least i think so..

  • Player hubs – this was another big sell point for me that i was disappointed in. I guess in the back of my head i envisioned a world where i would have my house and my friends could build theirs next to mine. And then maybe people would settle close and we would have these impromptu towns. But i also expected regular towns as well with NPCs that others can meet up.


OVERALL – what i think they could have done better

Overall i think FO76 is a lot of missed opportunities from the studio.

  • First and foremost NPCs should have been a thing in this game. I get trying to capture the essence of a post apocalyptic world, but nowadays when almost no one is on the servers i play on it's a real drudge. But like i said…it's not too late.

  • Servers – there should have been structured servers. And there should have been PvP, PvE and even PvE-RP servers. Your community is literally from a single player PvE game, why would you force PvP on them? And the measures you took to prevent griefing and player killing just ended up punishing the community who may have joined because of the PvP. Also i felt like there should have been at least 25 people per server.

  • Workshops and Resources – resources should have mattered and be tiered. There should have been both common and rare resources that you had to sort of work to obtain. Workshops would have been a great opportunity to spawn rare resources for whoever owned it. This would have instilled a good trading economy which helps to create a more social game.

  • Workshops Pt2 – workshops kind of fell flat. The only one that was ever really desired was the ammo and power plants. The others were kind of "meh" at best. I took them if they were available but didn't bother too otherwise. Plus with the way how servers were unstable and disconnecting meant they were gone, it really wasn't worth it.

  • Basebuilding – going back to what i said earlier with the servers. Basebuilding would have been a lot more fun if you were able to claim in-demand spots and know that was your spot.

  • Combat/Gear – Should have added unique armor and weapons that dropped from rare monsters towards the end game. Maybe even big server events that spawn these monsters.

  • Social – biggest let down for me personally. No server chat, people rarely join voice chat. Made trading just an external thing for the most part.


This got a lot longer than expected but i guess i just wanted to share. I don't dislike fallout 76, i do think it was money well spent. Hell i think i logged nearly 120 hours on the game and that's enough for me. But i think fallout 76 could have been so much more. I hope modding/private servers capture the vision i expected, not sure if others share the same.

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