Fallout 76 would have been perfect as a more traditional looter-shooter.

fallout 4 - Fallout 76 would have been perfect as a more traditional looter-shooter.

The problem I am having with the game from a weapon design standpoint is that every gun is basically the same, certain mods are objectively better than others, and the legendary system is broken.

I feel like so many of these issues could have been alleviated by implementing a loot system more similar to Destiny or The Division, where weapons roll within particular damage ranges and come with "talents" or "perks" that could complement certain playstyles (and be less broken than the current legendary effects). This would constantly give players something to work towards at the endgame, instead of forcing them to stick with the same weapon and mods for their whole playthrough. I would also implement a different mod system where different mods give less straight power upgrades compared to others, and would instead be more "side-grades."


I feel like this would allow for a more exiting loot-loop than the current "collect junk->fix gun", and it would make players actually want to fight high-level enemies like scorchbeasts for chances at better loot. Currently weapon drops from enemies are nearly always useless. This could also be applied to armor and power armor as well – think of all the interesting builds someone could create with power armor that had different talents for every piece (maybe frames could have talents as well), with higher level pieces that could drop from tougher enemies.

Currently the loot-endgame is super stale, and I believe this design would have been a much better way to handle it. What do you all think?

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