Fallout 76’s first hour and exiting the vault in my opinion is one of the best introductions since fallout 3.

fallout 4 - Fallout 76's first hour and exiting the vault in my opinion is one of the best introductions since fallout 3.


NOW… sorry the disclaimer got me hyperactive.

Now when you wake up on the savagest after party of all time, because well, maybe there was a little bit of mentats on the middle of the party, you'll hear a little record of the overseer introducing you the history YOU (a vault dweller) should know (even though later you'll be evolved on curing and fighting against one of the deadliest and strongest plagues of all fallout history, THE SCORCHED PLAGUE), but then you hear that the overseer has an individual mission. And here is when the game goes "OKAY we know there are no npc's here so get use to read terminals and FRICKIN' EXPLORE EVERY CORNER", because you can wether get out of the vault immediately or you can explore it and see what it has, you'll get the the overseer mission anyway because when you find her personal and formal holotapes you'll get the quest. So when you're walking through the vault you get introduced not just to 76's new mechanics but the whole fallout mechanics.

I think that I spoke enough about the vault… LET'S EMERGE. When you come out of the vault you see… well, what left's of Appalachia, and it's incredible 'cause you may think that the forest is safe for an instant but it's not. And in front of you there's a mr. Handyman when you talk to him he tells you about the overseer's camp (what I think is the best tutorial zone I've ever seen on a fallout game, it's just surpassed by fallout 3), then you'll see TWO roads, and I mark "TWO" because is important to understand this number, and really being honest with you, it's really well thought this part, because I said that YOU'LL SEE two roads, but there's more, what about the back of vault 76?

Let's talk about this two and one hidden roads, the first two roads you'll see is one on FRONT of you and another one to your right, I marked "FRONT" because that can be the first option right? it's right in FRONT of you, but if you want to go to the right your perspective about the build you want can change, on the front road there's a weapon a MELEE weapon, and on the RIGHT road there's a RANGE/FIRE weapon, and then the enemies, the perfect description of a basic but complex and EVEN FUNNY enemy, the liberators, even the name sounds ironic in first place because this robots are communist robots so see them on American soil would confound anyone, and they're also a perfect way to explain the bumpy country roads that takes us all home, THE DROP RATE, this little sons of a gun can drop you and yes my boi a fokin pin isn't that lovely, well then… THE PIN IS FUCKIN' HARD TO OBTAIN, it has a rare drop rate so it shows you "HEY LITTLE SCOUT WANT TO MAKE SOME PLASMA GRENADES, WELL FUK YOU!", let's talk about their attacks, they have a melee attack and a range attack, and here is when your selection of road would come in action… well… of course you can go through both roads but let's just say you select one. With the MELEE road you'll charge to the robots and attack them ferociously, with the FIREARM you'll probably get covered and use your few bullets wisely, also you'll probably get out of ammo so you'll comprehend the importance of running from fights the firsts 50 levels.


Then there comes the third road, you immediately think "hey what's up with the back of the vault?" Well there you'll discover some wolves and an abandoned destroyed wagon, you'll probably get a little bit of second road here but you'll not be 100% on second road so you can wether use bullets (if you saved them) or just attack the wolves with gun bashing or fists, maybe you just run but the thing is, you're now EXPLORING now what was behind you is in FRONT of you and will be the first thing for you to EXPLORE and maybe even you'll touch a little piece of the toxic valley.

But now let's omit that, let's take ehm… The MELEE road (because nowadays I'm seeing a lot of new players with only machetes), you'll get to the overseer's camp and you'll probably pass through a lot of places but let's go fast, on the overseer's camp you'll see a lot of workbenches (actually the ones you'll need to start the game), and the stash of the overseer BUT what about the chemical workbench plan? Well that's curious because you don't have the workbench unlock at first place but you can unlock it. THAT'S A CLEAR "HEY. MAH GUY. LEARN PLANS. ALL OF THEM". So yeah as I said earlier the overseer's camp is a wonderful tutorial zone.

Then you'll head towards Flatwoods, a nice little town with the basics of EVERY SINGLE TOWN OF THE FOREST REGION, really Flatwoods is awesome, not just for the graphical style but the gameplay part of it, is full of houses with obviously CORPSES reminding you "YO ALL PEOPLE IS DEAD! OMG! wait until wastelanders" And the houses have workbenches and junk, something that you'll be constantly watching for because no matter if you pay a subscription that allows you to have infinite SCRAP space you'll be spending materials on EVERYTHING.

Then on Flatwoods you'll be introduced to the first faction you'll probably see on the game, despite the corpse of a dead member of the free states and a raider at vault 76 door, you'll also get introduced to events, because of the vault tec gardens event, and well with that you'll have covered maybe not an hour of gameplay but 45 minutes if you're a speed BEAST that literally devours the games.

And you'll ask yourself, WHERE ARE ALL THE BUGS HERE# well I can't tell you, the game run smoothly the first time I played on December of 2018, SO GO AND ASK FOR FU … okay keep it calm… (sigh) sorry the psyco.

AND AGAIN THIS IS MAH DAMN OPINION, I KNOW YOU ALL HAVE ONE SO PUT IT ON THE COMMENTS, besides I'll be glad to respond to every inconvenient/doubt/maybe even disagree.

Thank you very much for your attention. <3

See you all on the wasteland.


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