Fallout and DOOM, connecting the universes through a lore based thought experiment

fallout 3 - Fallout and DOOM, connecting the universes through a lore based thought experiment

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Fallout and DOOM

We all know that the recent DOOM games have been published by Bethesda, and we’ve been able to find little nods and references from both universe to each other, so I wanted to do a little thought experiment and see if I could interconnect the two universes.

Now, naturally these wouldn’t exist at the same time, no. I’m making these two exist in alternate timelines, but have similar histories and events. It was actually surprisingly easy to make these stories work together.

We’ll start with DOOM, as it’s the easiest to explain. Through DOOM lore, and references to fallout, we can easily connect the two together. Bulkhead doors on the UAC installation on Mars are made by Vault-Tec, and in DOOM Eternal, Doomguy has a book of Nuka-Cola recipes in his collection of books. (Written by a J.C Bradburton). With these in mind, we can easily work DOOM into an alternate Fallout timeline. The resource war happens, countries start to fight each other over necessities of power and wealth, but one key difference is made. The Mars Shot project, which in the normal Fallout Timeline was never completed, actually succeeds here. This would buy the world a bit of extra time, as the resource wars would likely cease or at least slow down as Mars’s resources were exploited. In 2095, the UAC and other companies discover Argent Plasma, completely solving the world’s energy crisis. Now, stepping back a bit, I’m sure you’re all thinking about the tension between America and China in the fallout universe. Well, Anchorage would still happen, however, America would likely not push the conflict further into China, as they did not need to continue fighting for resources. From 2095 onward, most of the Doom timeline would continue as normal, just with the addition of Fallout Companies like Robco, General Atomics, Vault-Tec and Nuka-Cola.


As for the Fallout Universe incorporating DOOM, that’s both simple, and hard. We obviously can’t have portals to Hell, or transdimensional gates, but we can easily import a lot of the technology and demons into fallout, with a bit of late tweaking. In the Fallout timeline, the UAC discovers Argent Plasma, though not through Hell, they wind up creating it while testing more powerful weapons for the US military. They begin experimenting with it, easily creating weapons like the BFG, Gauss Cannon, Energy sidearm, etc. They also test how creatures react to the Plasma, prior to the bombs, it appears that it acts just like normal Plasma, however, after the bombs drop and mutations emerge, the Argent Plasma creates different mutations in creatures. This would, for example, turn Bloatflies into Cacodemons, though not the kind that we’re used to. Feral ghouls would change into Revenants, Deathclaws into Pinkies or Barons of Hell, and many more creatures. Naturally, these beasts would be contained in the UAC buildings across the American wasteland, thus making them unique creatures, taking on a mythic allure.

Of course, these are just my thoughts, and perhaps you have your own way of integrating the two stories. Maybe you like the idea? Or maybe you don’t, either way, I’d love to hear people’s thoughts.

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