Fallout California… It’s Not For Me.

fallout 7 - Fallout California... It's Not For Me.

It really must be me but I just didn't have a great time playing it. Putting aside the multiple crashes and general unpolished aspect of the whole mod, I just didn't like it. I feel as soon as you leave the vault everything just goes downhill and becomes not fun to play. Idk. Anyone else feel like that?

Edit: I just wanna further elaborate the things I don't like:

1: Performance

The mod has horrible framerate issues. Now I don't have the greatest PC ever, even for base F:NV I can have some framerate problems the odd time but the instances that it occurs in this mod are nothing like the ones I experience in base F:NV. Framerates drop often, although this is more of a problem in the Vault. I don't hold this against the devs too much, as it is still in Beta and will undoubtly be fixed in later versions

2: Balance


This mod is horribly balanced. This is probably my biggest issue with the mod. Enemies are either waaaaaay too overpowered or there is simply waaaaaay too many of them. For example, on my first play through I managed to get myself kidnapped by a group of raiders and taken to their massive base and forced down a pit to pass a trial. If it weren't for a speech check that allowed me to have a large group of NPCs assisting me I would had to have faced multiple fairly strong enemies and beat a Behemoth to advance. That's ridiculous. And afterwards I encountered a nightkin by the name of ''Mandrake'' that could 3 shot me with a rifle and had a fu*k ton of health. It took me a few tries, in the end I managed to get my group of friendly NPCs to surround him and they eventually got the job done. Again, how are you supposed to beat him without them? You need to pass multiple speech checks to even have them assist you. It also didn't help that I was using a mele build. Oh, that's another thing, don't do a melee build. Sure, there are new mele weapons that have potential to 2 hit rather weak raiders, but that fact doesn't help when there are enemies that have guns that can 3 hit kill you. Again, this could be fixed in later versions so I can't hold it against them but, then again, they should've atleast made a balanced experience to you can actually get through it fairly.

3: The World

Or lack there of. I will admit, I went in thinking I would get an open world experience. But I was wrong. Sure you can explore the world but the whole world is just empty with a select few areas… Which will usually contain nothing anyways unless they are important to the story. This makes the game a linear experience and it becomes mind numbing after a while. Again this can be improved much later in released but as it stands now it's just boring.


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