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fallout 4 - FALLOUT CHINA concept story

This is just some information I put together on a possible story set in China

Fallout China

An evil dictator rules over the present-day population of China. His control is sporadic but has control of many major cities. Independent cities exist filled with numerous strange characters, as well as pockets of U.S. resistance still surviving. These new lands are unforgiving, hospitable and deadly.

This story may be related to the skynet system designed by the U.S. military and infiltrated by Chinese spies.

The typical fallout trailer for China will begin with a tv starting up which begins to blair patriotic music and shows the invasion of China, the camera slowly edges away and reveals numerous skeletal remains of U.S. servicemen all sitting in chairs watching the the tv, as it backs away more the camera takes a turn out of a a doorway all the while still looking at it's original origin. The doorway gives way to a metal hallway with numerous other openings, the tv gets quieter but also begins to echo because of the metallic nature of it's environment. Creaks of metal begin to overwhelm the tv's sound, the camera backs away even further revealing that there are gaping holes throughought the ceiling, the lighting is flickering dust is falling. Rays of light stab through openings and reveal a quick glimpse of the toxic atmosphere outside. Eventually the camera reveals we are within a naval vessel, the vessel itself has been split in two straight down the middle. The camera reveals more showing the vessel is a U.S.N aircraft carrier beached on the shore of an obliterated city, the U.S. flag is torn to to shreds but still proudly flies in the wind. Slowly the chanting of a foreign language begins to overtake the natural environmental sounds, the chanting gets louder and reveals it's Chinese. The trailer ends, the fallout China logo is fades on to screen then fades back away I to darkness


The Chinese where years ahead of the Americans in these fields, Stealth, Cyber Warfare, Submarine Tech, Armoured Vehicles, Biological weapons. Re-engineered American tech left over from the war.

Interesting areas

Dead Zones

These areas are filled with abominations and horribly mutated, deformed creatures and humans. These problems were caused by the Sino-American war where both sides dropped deadly biological weapons causing unimaginable suffering. In these areas expect to battle giant ravenous pandas, silent and bloodthirsty deformed tigers and others. Many hundreds of the American invaders still reside in these areas hunkered down in bunkers or trapped by debris.

Radiation Danger Zones

These areas still have huge amounts of radiation left because they were key targets thus receiving high yield bombs

Invasion of Dalanzadgad

Dalanzadgad was a city primarily made up of Gobi locals and the lost legion. A group of American forces who found a new place to call home. The locals offered survival information as they had lived there for many thousands of years and the American offered protection with their power armour and weapons. The small city soon became a larger one thanks to the help of American technology and the coordination between the locals. It became a hub for travellers all around China. But with this new-found wealth came power which the city soon had plenty of. Envious eyes watched from the south and they were the CCP a war took place between the two groups.

The Great Ghoul War

Many decades after the war 10s of millions of ghouls inhabited much of the country. The People which were unharmed grew disgusted of their rotting flesh and stench so the military conducted an extermination campaign against them. After many years there were still millions left so prominent leaders in the new government decided to save them and treat them as slaves. These slaves were to rebuild the country to its once former glory.

The Putrid rebellion

Named after the ghouls this rebellion took place after the ghoul populous became fed up with there horrendous treatment so took up arms and tried to overthrow the ruling government. Many people were killed but after decades of fighting the ghouls lost and were put back in the chains they once broke free from.

Zing Shi The Tormentor / The Great Dying

Zing Shi a phycologicalcally demented leader fought his way in to power and took the presidency. He was a brutal dictator and Was horrified by the rebellion so he took 1,000,000 ghouls and executed them. The rivers of China run red with blood from the ghouls for 100 days. The time was called the great dying.

The Abominable scourge of 2170

After many hundreds of thousands have been killed the lands they once resided in were now empty. The mutated wildlife began to take hold and an explosion in their population began. Millions of creatures began to spread like a plague across China, Packs of bloodthirsty tigers roamed the country devouring whole villages and small cities. Huge tiger dens and other creature nests began popping up causing China to come to a grinding halt as the roads where swarming with them. Many brave traders tried to venture out and cross the vast grasslands and forests of China but many were torn to shreds. Cities began to erect walls and armoured defences to stop the tigers from raiding the cities. Occasionally freak bengal behomoths, mutant tigers much bigger than the rest would be able to climb the walls and grab people and cattle and take them back over. The people soon caught on to this and laid traps catching and killing them. This then became some of the only sources of nourishment for the citizens. Celebrations were held when one was taken down and a great feast would commence.

The Deep Freeze

This was a period in which glaciers advanced from the Himalayas deep in to China

The orbital re-entry

A large portion of a secret Chinese space station broke away and crashed back to China altering the surface and flooding areas in chemical waste. People began to inhabit the wreak and and salvage advanced technology. The carcass soon became a thriving town dealing in only the most advanced tech. Zing shi launched numerous attacks but was reppeld each time.


U.S. soldiers managed to build a large enough force to launch a attack against a major Chinese military installation.

The hunt

Parties of heavily armed hunters began popping up these groups would travel the wastes and kill the largest of China's beasts, zing shi amazed by the work of these hunters would travel to see them and invite them to the capital, there they would be given priceless gifts and food aplenty.

Mass Eruptions

This was a period in which there was a huge series of volcanic eruptions, large swathes of the country were covered in lava.

The abyssl flood

The great Dried up rivers beds of once glorious rivers once again became raging torrents, many cities were wiped of the map flooded under new lakes and rivers.

Present Day

With much of China swarming with creature’s life is hard for those in the middle of the country but many provinces held them back and supply lines emerged in the east and south. A vile emperor rules in China treating his people like filth. His army comes first and they get primary care over anyone else. Much of his nasty personality was formed during the abominable scourge where supplies were scarce but with the recent supply lines set up to the east and south he still clings on to history but many of his supporters see a new future without him.

Will you ensure his continued reign and enable him to complete the destruction of surviving U.S. forces

End his reign and bring him to justice and let the people decide their future

Or will you end his reign then begin yours as the new dictator or saint

Or allow the U.S. military to take control

Or allow the enclave to take control

How To Get There

There is a submarine along the coat of Boston, repair it and the captain will take you to China. Near arrival the sub shuts down and you beach on to coral. With no way to survive the captain sends out a distress signal. The local government hears and dispatches helicopters to your locations. While you two think they will help the rescuers have other things in mind. They begin a attack and board the sub, here you can kill some but you can either be captured or escape and jump off. One will take you to a prison where you will be forced to fight the other to a inhospitable coast but luckily the captain knows where you are so plans a route to find the nearest town. Many viscous creatures lurk among the forests so be careful as you won’t have the means to fight them. You can take off here and explore by yourself with the captain as a companion and take a risk or follow him to a small village where you can rest, eat and arm up.




You are captured and taken to a secure compound far inland. It will be difficult to escape. There are moments where you can escape but you can stay to level up strength and your unarmed skill. You can do this by being forced to fight for the amusement of the locals and military. While here you can be given unique armour and unarmed weapons as well as rare fighting skills.


If you decide to escape you can kill guards and take their weapons as well as armour but you have to be quick as you will be overwhelmed quickly. At least you have some good weapons to defend yourself with but remember ammo is hard to come by in the wild.


This can be started by not going to the village, after arming up at the village or escaping the prison.

The Village

Here you can meet the locals and start medium to small quests helping them. The rewards are ok but they are worthwhile

Survive Part 2

West. Going west takes you through some rather deadly creatures but you can find a Chinese navy base with a few supplies with a rare sniper rifle good for early and mid-game but little ammo. North takes you through dense forests and is not advisable to low levels but you can go that way. If you are lucky enough to make it to the other side you can grab a handful of nice powerful weapons and armour good for mid and late game East takes you along the coast and many smaller towns so you can do plenty of trading, stocks resupply daily and if you time it right you can sell items there are desperately needed in other towns giving you a handsome start to the game money wise.

Meeting your maker

Meet the enclave high command and decide the fate of China Meet the CCP high command and decide the fate of China Meet (others)

Uncatogarised . Betrayal back stab the locals and take everything for yourself

Bengal feast Traders dream Hit the jackpot Murky waters Lost ! There's something in the trees Attack ! Armed to the teeth ! Fight to the death Break out Making friends Making enimes First contact Patriotic blues Naval scrounge Head hunter Ring the bell Revolution Vertibird attack Power armor assault Bring down the head quarters Connect to the USAF satellites old world comeback Sacrifice Dark days Rebirth

Vanilla lore

Political system

In 2077, China was a communist nation with single-party rule. The ruling political party was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Two leaders of the nation have been mentioned, President Xin and Chairman Cheng, and it is unknown which account is more reliable. It is possible that China's last head of state before the Great War was President Xin, while Chairman Cheng was the leader of the CCP. The last Chinese Ambassador to the United States was Xiu-Ling

Sino-American War (2066-2077)

The exact details on China as a nuclear power in the Fallout universe are sketchy at best. It is not actually known how many nuclear weapons or of what types China brought to the final blasts of the Great War or even if it was the only country launching nuclear weapons at the United States, which was at that time in the midst of resource disputes with many other nations. 2066: Chinese forces under the leadership of General Jingwei successfully invaded Alaska, claiming its pipeline and oil reserves for Beijing. 2067: The Anchorage Reclamation commenced, with the first suits of T-45d power armor deployed there. 2073: China became increasingly aggressive in the war, using biological weapons against American forces. 2074: American T-45d power armor units, conventional infantry, and mechanized infantry divisions outfitted with the power armor were deployed to China as part of an American counter-invasion of Chinese territory, but they became bogged down on the mainland, putting a further drain on American resources and supply lines. 2076: The advanced T-51b power armor finally finished its development cycle, and the first mechanized infantry unit outfitted in this version of power armor was sent to China. The new armor allowed these troops to finally carve a swath through Chinese forces. Chinese supply lines from the East and Southeast Asian nations China had annexed began to break down. Shortly after, the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing were occupied by US forces. 2077: At some point, one of the nuclear powers began launching nuclear weapons. This resulted in a massive retaliatory response that culminated in the Great War on October 23, 2077.

The U.S. invades China

After the annexation of Canada in 2072, the President of the United States began to become worried about the stability of the country. If the war continued on, the United States would just not have enough resources and money to keep the country afloat in the times of economic hardship. So, working with top U.S. Military leaders, the President began working on an operation that would change the tide of the war in favor of the United States. Meanwhile, the Chinese and U.S. both began using biological and chemical shells and bombs to clear the resistance in each others positions. Soldiers would be found dead on snow laden ground with horrible deformities, a grusome sight for most of the new recruits in the Anchorage Campaign. In order to conflict with biological attacks, the President of the United States formed the Pan-Immunity Virion Project (the predecessor to the FEV project) as a way to immunize U.S. soldiers so that they would be safe from these attacks. China on the other hand, concluded that their troops were expendable, and continued with their campaign regardless of losses.

Then, on April 11, 2074, the President's gamechanging operation was launched into China. U.S. Army and Marine forces landed in the Hangzhou Bay near the Yangtze River in order to cut off Chinese supply lines to the south. Many officials thought that the U.S. task force would quickly beat the Chinese in a matter of weeks. But the invasion of the Chinese mainland soon proved to be flawed, as the combined Chinese defeneses, as well as T-45d power armored units getting stuck in rice paddies, began to drain the United States' resources and man power. After a matter of monthes however, the U.S. managed to gain air supperiority over the Yangtze area, and began causing heavy casualties on the PLA side. With support going to the Anchorage invasion, invasions of other countries, and trying to counter other American operations, the PLA defenders in Yangtze soon found the struggle hopeless. On Junr 24, 2076, the Chinese line defending the Yangtze was overrun by a massive American armored assault. New T-51b units, tank reinforcements, and American shock troops, took the battered PLA troops by suprise. The American units attacked at 1:40 am; with most Chinese troops asleep, they were easy prey. U.S. bombers kicked off the fire fight by dropping a full payload on the PLA lines shortly before the main attack. While the Chinese were taking cover, over 3,000 American shock troopers charged the line, supported by 1,500 T-51b units, and 600 M-75/M-56 tanks. Before the PLA troops could even load their rifles, U.S. soldiers torched the trenches with flamethrowers and incendiary grenades. Those who survived the blaze only lived long enough to be shot numerous times. American orders were to take no prisoners; most PLA soldiers didn't get a single shot off before taking 20 bullets to the chest. In just under 30 minutes, 10,000 Chinese soldiers lay dead, with not a single American casualty. The battle of Yangtze proved to be a turning point in the war, while the PLA lost almost 10 times as many men as the the U.S., they still always had the initiative. But after that massive battle, the Chinese began loosing one battle after another. This would end up leading to the Chinese realizing defeat, and ultimatly, starting The Great War.

If anyone has anything else to add please comment and what do you all think of this quick concept ?

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