Fallout devs seem to consistently reach the wrong conclusions and it worries me.

fallout 8 - Fallout devs seem to consistently reach the wrong conclusions and it worries me.

There's been a few cases where the developers of this game seem to draw a conclusion that doesn't necessarily follow from the actual problem. I worry they don't really get the root of the problems and thus we will wind up with a game that is less than it could have been.

I'm sure a lot of people will downvote simply due to the topics I raise but please have an open mind and the tl:dr is at the bottom.

First unpopular topic: Vault 94.

Before the "raids" launched people were excited for challenging endgame content. What we got was something that was broken from the jump. The input lag was so severe on most servers that you simply could not complete the missions. Terminals that don't respond, doors that don't open, and objectives that don't progress is a bad formula for for a timed game mode.

The end result is that playing the missions on anything other than a magically lag free server, private server, or back in the day a dead survival server was just a bad user experience to put it softly.

There were other aspects of the missions that people didn't like but the core issue of lag was never addressed. Why did they not make tweaks to the missions so that lag wasn't as impactful? Why didn't they work to resolve whatever underlying issues caused the lag to be so severe?

Instead, they simply decide to close the vault and call it good.

Example 2: PvP. In a recent article one of the devs expressed how "surprised" they are so few pvp in the game.

So let's unpack that a bit though. This is a loot based rpg that supports ultra rare item drops, and in a perfect storm with vanishingly rare chances you can get items that grant MASSIVE and PERMANENT advantages over other players.


This is also a game that has had ongoing, persistent item duping glitches since day one.

So add those 2 factors together and by hook or by crook a few players wind up with nothing but full sets immaculate, ultra rare items that put them head and shoulders above players that don't have all this equipment.

Beyond that the way the game handles certain things, like VATS, Stealthboys again is not geared for pvp. And what other pvp game allows you to heal as amazingly effectively as fo76 does (never mind nuka spam)?

Then as icing on the cake they mishandle legacy weapons, allowing them to persist as the most powerful class of weapons for a full YEAR after removing them from the drop tables so they can "reconsider" how to approach these weapons. Add in all the duping and is it any wonder so many pvp battles are won by players with legacies?

With all these barriers to entry to competitive pvp, with these vast differences in power between the haves and have nots, is it any wonder that people try it once or twice and just iwind up saying "yeah no thanks"?

But rather than address ANY of the above, they are befuddled as to why so few pvp?

TL:DR: I fear the developers are bit tone deaf and not really asking the right questions. WHY did vault 94 fail and what possible solutions or changes could have been implemented instead of closing them? WHY do so few engage in pvp and what could be changed to encourage it?

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