Fallout Economy Problems

fallout 5 - Fallout Economy Problems

I've been getting back into fallout 4 recently, mostly with a shit-load of mods. the main thing I haven't really dove into is the economy of the wasteland. it's wack.

So in my survival run I'm doing I just sold off a few pieces from an ambush I fought through to myrna, got about 1400 caps for it (really good get). I was thinking about what I should spend that money on. It was survival so I had to rent a room for a few caps, not too bad. but buying food and drink is what kills me in this game.

Here you have a town in what's essentially a medieval production economy – no mechanized or industrial farming, so food is pricier. but even considering that, a few pieces of food from penny, three beer for the night and a few more for the road comes to 500 caps. or a quarter the value of the diamond city property, right on main square. you're telling me some of the most central and large property in the biggest city of the commonwealth is worth roughly a 24 of beer? seriously????


This issue is with skyrim too, and I'm sure it's also in other bethesda games. cheap items are too expensive, and expensive things are too cheap. the bar tab I described would probably be close to ~50 dollars today, for a plate of food and 6 drinks in my area. at the same time, home plate would probably be ~170,000 dollars given the implied size of diamond city, a thousand or so people. or in other words, the house is 3400x the cost of the bar tab, not 4x.

So I meant this as kind of a bi*ching session/rant, but I'm also interested in other peoples opinions. What are your thoughts on the wasteland economy? what would you change, what would you keep?

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