Fallout fan from the beginning… now it’s dead to me

fallout 4 - Fallout fan from the beginning... now it’s dead to me

I’ve played every Fallout game from the beginning. Over the years I’ve been aggravated by some of the changes but generally enjoyed every game for different reasons. Fallout 4 was a big let down for me. My biggest issue was the lack of repercussions for any action taken by my character. The previous games allowed you to play a specific way and deal with future challenges caused by your actions. Most of the time these did not show up until much later preventing you from reloading a save to undo what you felt obligated to do in the moment.

I realized this after annihilating the entire town of Covenant. I did not like what they were doing to the accused synth/not synth and ending up taking out the entire bunker and village of 30ish people. Afterwards there was zero discussion and zero ramifications for my action. Despite this I played they the game and all the DLC. The final DLC, Nuka World, left me feeling like the series had gone off the rails. I’m able to still be a good guy but can side with the raiders. I thought to myself, is this what Bethesda and Todd Howard think I want? To casually raid? What happened to being evil based off your Karma? Aligning with bad guys by being consistently evil. Instead it had an amusement park feel to it(no pun intended). Like the resort from the Whirly Dirly Conspiracy. Do whatever just because then what? I still enjoyed the game because of the mods I downloaded as they gave me hours of combat entertainment.

Another thing that irritated me was the focus on building camps. If they served a purpose it would have made sense. This is part of my issue with 76. I found myself taking the time to try to build the settlements in FO4 but in the end was left with more aimless construction and no real purpose. It also didn’t add anything to my feeling of role playing in a unique universe.

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I waited until the price of 76 dropped to $40 because all the negative reviews had me questioning if I would enjoy the game or not. I gave it a fighting chance. I’ve tried for about 20 hours of play to like this game but can’t. When I play it I feel like I have zero purpose. Nothing I do matters in the game. To me the game seems like a massive grind. Like your own daily life. Eat food. Drink water. Buy or find things to fix something or make something you need or want. If I wanted to do mundane maintenance I’d go clean the house or my car or anything else that I would normally procrastinate doing.

They completely missed the mark on this one in my opinion. It’s a caricature of itself. All the normal Fallout stuff is there but it doesn’t make sense. If the game was even less structured it might be better. I think if you had no choice in PVP and guys could be d*cks and make their own massive raider camp and raid regular people it would be more fun. Then you’d have players creating their own factions of guys farming supplies, guys protecting good people, and douchers douching on helpless victims. You’d have the Fallout feel by default and a purpose to all the aimless gathering, building, and eating and drinking. And my 20 hours of play would not have left me feeling like I wasted time in a pointless world but spent time trying to play as a character in a bleak and harsh alternate universe that is usually defined by your actions rather than some guys at Bethesda that give no Fs about story or consistency in the franchise. Literally nothing matters in this game. There is no winning or even feeling like you’ve won or played a part in something. Just claiming things to claim them and create more pointless shite.

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