The other day I noticed runescape on the App Store and decided to download it because it looked pretty interesting and I needed new games on my phone. After seeing the map size, graphics, and everything else about the game plus the fact that it’s entirely multiplayer it got me thinking “why aren’t the original fallout games on mobile yet?” I mean I’m pretty sure Bethesda would hugely profit off it and at this day and age smartphones should be capable of running those games. So where are they? I heard that the original game files were lost but how hard could it be to recreate that game now?I know mobile gaming is dumb and nobody pays attention to it but it matters to someone like me who spends hours on the road making state to state trips and is constantly on their phone. Anyone else agree with me? I felt like this post would get some support followed by people laughing at me and this idea since it is kind of far fetched. Computer geniuses and coders let me know if this would be possible. I’d love to put together and fund a team of people to recreate this game. Cheers ?



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