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fallout 5 - Fallout in Philadelphia

I recently had an idea of a potential location for a new Fallout game- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


As we know, the east coast was hit hardest by the bombs, being mostly urban, but Pennsylvania has a balance between both urban and rural- mostly urban around its eastern and western sides, but fairly country-esque in the middle. This could give the game some balance between the desolate wasteland Bethesda holds so dear and the less affected wasteland that Obsidian prefers. Additionally, you could cross the Delaware into Camden, providing a more suburban experience. If one crunches distances enough, you might even be able to make it all the way out to Berlin, New Jersey, which would open the space up with fields and forests.

Naturally, the game would take place in Philadelphia. The ruins would be something similar to how Bethesda handled Boston: cluttered, but not too cluttered, like Washington was. Free up some streets, especially in the historic side of town, but fill up others with the kind of concrete jungles we got used to in Boston. The two things we know about Philly are that 1) it was directly hit by the Communist Chinese, and 2) the Liberty Bell is still standing there. This will play a role in the story.

The story would take place in 2281, six years before Fallout 4 and four years after Fallout 3, which relieves us of the question of the canonical ending to Fallout 4. A relatively small coalition of Enclave Remnants have banded together and are attempting to reclaim Philadelphia as the nation’s capital after being driven out of the District of Columbia. Their goal is to seize the major historic landmarks and objects of Philly in order to prove their legitimacy. They have a small force of Vertibirds (50-75, and the real ones, too, not the scrap heaps from 4), but their real power lies in the advanced models of power armor they have; the leading group were all part of the Devil’s Brigade, the elite unit of X-02 wearing Enclave soldiers. They’ve retained a moderate amount of artillery, salvaged from Raven Rock before its destruction, but the amount of howitzers they have doesn’t exceed 10. Also, ammunition is not plentiful for them, meaning that the howitzers they have are more for show than anything. This also means that the Enclave Remnants are forced to send out teams to scavenge the remains of the Philly and former military installations.

Speaking of military installations, there are 3 military bases and numerous other military offices and training grounds located there. There is a National Guard base and a Navy base, both within city limits, and a Marine Corps bass up north near Burlington. Additionally, there is an engineering center and a training center located nearby, making a potential base of operations for the Enclave.

There is one more thing that really excites me as a South Jerseyian:

The USS New Jersey.

In our world, it was decommissioned for the final time in 1991. In the Fallout universe, though, it could have still been an active warship when the bombs dropped. This would make an absolutely amazing spot to have a large battle between the Enclave and the other three factions, who we’ll get too in a second. Assuming it hasn’t sunk or been torn apart yet, it would be in ~somewhat good shape. Better than River City, anyhow.

This brings us to the other three factions present in Philly:

The Chinese Descendants

The New Liberty Movement

The Orientis Publica

First things first, the Chinese Descendants. The name speaks for itself; a group of ghoulified Chinese spies and their descendants, all vying for control of Philadelphia to set up their own Communist state. Their motives are really just to claim Philadelphia and restore the glory of China and Chairman Cheng, who the ghouls still hold a godlike reverence for. They’re mostly based west of the Schuylkill, their headquarters being in Drexel University.

The New Liberty Movement is, quite simply, fighting for a return to what the wasteland was; anarchy. They fight for independence from any group or government, and call for the exile of both the Enclave and the Orientis Publica. They control much of the land on the Jersey side, centralizing in Cherry Hill and Pennsauken.


The Orientis Publica is the present, albeit makeshift and weak, government presiding over Philadelphia. Their motive is to establish order in the wasteland, no matter the cost. They have a record of corruption. They look down on both the Enclave’s brutal methods, and the Descendants’ ruthlessness to establish their communist society. Most of all, they hate the NLM, as they stand against everything the Publica stands for. They are based out of the Eastern State Penitentiary, but have small outposts and checkpoints throughout the city.

You all know the Enclave. This group is what’s left of the army fielded by President Eden and Colonel Autumn. I’ve gone over their motives already, too. What I haven’t gone over is where they’ll be located. Their main HQ would be in the Philadelphia International Airport (is that too derivative, what with McCarran being NCR’s Mojave HQ and BIA being the BoS’s in 4?) They also have a major outpost on Petty Island, controlling the water treatment center housed there. They also control the Navy Yard, just south of FDR park.

And finally…. not the Brotherhood of Steel. We know they’re busy in the Capital Wasteland right now, and Bethesda has been overusing them as a major faction, so, I figured to just give them a break here. They never mention going to Philly in Fo4, so no point in involving them.

(Side Note: this post will have inspired some concepts here. I live close to Philly, but have not been there for any considerable length of time.)


You play as a dweller in the peaceful Vault 71. Vault 71 is one of three vaults in the Philly area, the others being Vault 74 and Vault 89. Vault 71 is surprisingly normal, for something made by Vault-Tec- the only social experiment or actual experiment in there is to monitor tensions between residents after an extended period and when access to weapons. Surprisingly enough, the Vault has lasted this long without falling apart, but all that changes when the Vault picks up an Enclave propaganda broadcast, similar to the one in Fo3. The more traditional members of the Vault want to open the door and go out to join the Enclave, or house them in the Vault, but the more reasonable dwellers rebuke them. Tensions quickly boil to a head, and a group of Enclave supporters seizes the control room for the door. The other members of the Vault fight back, and it’s up to you to decide how to handle it. Eventually, the Enclave supporters open the door, and you are forced to flee your home to get away from the fight.

The exact location of Vault 71 is in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, underneath the gazebo. You emerge to a world that looks nothing like the photos you’ve seen, and are set free to explore Philadelphia.

I’ve only thought up certain battles and events in the story, but I’ll share some with you here.

-A four-way fight for Petty Island, and its water treatment center -A four-way fight for the 30th Street Station -A four-way fight for the USS New Jersey, and its formidable weaponry -A fight between the Orientis Publica and the NLM over control of the Ben Franklin Bridge, the last bridge left standing -Possible alliances between factions, depending on your choices: • Alliance of Orientis Publica and the Enclave •Enclave provides military support to help secure Philly • Alliance of Enclave and NLM •NLM provides guerrilla support for Enclave, in exchange for being left alone afterwards •Alliance of NLM and Descendants •NLM puts pressure on the OP and Enclave from the East side, while the Chinese put pressure on the West side – A fight between the Descendants and Enclave for control of Tinicum – A fight between OP and NLM for control of Camden -A fight between OP and the Descendants for the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Et cetera, et cetera. What do you guys think?

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