Fallout is headed towards a Dark Age. Not recovery.

fallout 4 - Fallout is headed towards a Dark Age. Not recovery.

I can't take credit for the genesis of this observation, it comes from another redditor but I can't find their name as I can't remember which post this was in. So sorry for the lack of attribution. I will be expounding upon it.

At first glance it appears that the people of Fallout are rebuilding. They're restoring technology, restoring infrastructure slowly but surely, building settlements, and recovering.

But if you look just a little deeper, they're using old prewar infrastructure in most cases to do it. Rivet City is a prewar ship with a prewar crane. Diamond City is a prewar baseball stadium. New Vegas is just the partially preserved remains of Las Vegas and nothing more.

And the tech everybody is using is prewar tech, thankfully its built to last but it can't last forever. Eventually power supplies will run out, tech will break down beyond repair and the only people who seemed to be able to make any new tech were the Institute, who get blown up in most people's playthroughs of FO4. And even they were relying on a prewar power plant to sustain their community.

To illustrate just how hard technology is to produce, I refer you to the essay "I, Pencil" its the story of how no one person can make something even as simple as a pencil because no one person could grow the wood, chop the tree pulp and press the wood, extrude the graphite, harvest the raw materials for the yellow paint, the metal clasp and the rubber eraser and fashion these exactly into a pencil as nice as the ones we have. Certainly not with anywhere near the efficiency and it would be crude by comparison because the person on his own would have to fashion all his own tools which would require extracting raw materials for those tools, etc etc. There are tens of thousands of people involved in some fashion in the manufacture of something as simple as a pencil. Imagine how many people and how many things it takes to fashion more complex technologies such as Securitron robots and Plasma pistols.

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Even a civilization of 700,000 such as the NCR's can't sustain a technological level without trade with many other civilizations of similar size.

With how durable the tech is it may be another hundred years but eventually power supplies will run dry, tech will break down for good, prewar good will finally spoil, prewar salvage will finally be spent (all the prewar stimpacks will have been found and used for example).

This will reduce Fallout Society to a much more primitive level of technology, possibly also a more primitive level of knowledge if they've been relying on old world tech for their archives and not dutifully recording information onto paper or parchment to be preserved.

Or Bethesda will ignore this and power supplies will last forever, salvage will be endless, and prewar tech will never break because "it wouldn't be Fallout otherwise." Because honestly what I describe should have already happened if it was going to happen. After all its Fallout, its not realistic. So why did I even post this? Because I like to engage in thought exercises.

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