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fallout 2 - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue

This is a master list for cataloguing all the locations of the “Six Metal Faces.” The theory is that they might be connected with an ancient supernatural entity and always appear in important locations.

We’ll update the catalogue as we find them. Please, if you know a location, post it in the comments! We'll add and give credit to you! =>>

To be clear, we’re talking about six specific faces. Here they are, with the names taken from the assets in Fallout 4 files.

DUWBYIO - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


There are two main theories:

1) Random Asset Placement: It’s a simple case of asset reuse and there’s no meaning behind them

2) Deliberate Asset Placement: They have meaning and are placed deliberately

Before we continue, let it be clear that we all understand that this is a common architecture style associated with the atomic era. We see this art-deco style in Fallout 1, 2 and 3. Here’s a past thread that explains it well, it even has an art historian teaching us about it:

However, this particular set of assets seems to have been introduced in Fallout 4 with a purpose. The primary indication is the Metro Man found in the mine at Dunwich Borers, a place highly associated with a cult that worships a supernatural entity. It seems that the Faces appear in places of power, be political or financial.

Maybe they are overseeing mankind’s every step? Manipulating? Maybe they are a conduit for the supernatural entity? We don’t know yet. The purpose of this list is to try to find patterns and connections to determine if it’s just “Random Asset Placement” (RAP) or “Deliberate Asset Placement” (DAP).

Feel free to correct any spelling/grammatical mistakes!

Be civil when discussing it. And don’t take it too seriously. We’re just having fun here! =>

Xix Feng - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue

u/Xix_Feng is organizing an awesome group of Fallout Archeologists! Join the team and help us find more clues!

Past threads on the subject:


The Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue



The Metro Man


1) Dunwich Borers (Fallout 4)

fyPikUf - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


YTpwlw9 - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


(The previous picture was taken from this thread:


Note: This one is the most important face because it ties the Metro Man with the cult of Ug-Qualtoth. Deep in the mine, we see a flashback of a sacrificial ritual. There’s a flooded well that you can dive into. On the bottom, you find an altar with the Kremvh's Tooth, “one of a few remaining genuinely arcane artifacts left in the Fallout lore”, as per the Fallout Wiki. (
Kremvh%27s Tooth - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue

https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Kremvh%27s_Tooth). You can also see the Metro Man sticking out of the well’s wall.

Inside the mine, you can hear and feel occasional “earthquakes,” suggesting something alive and big resides in the underground. Is the Metro Man a representation of this “thing” or is it the “thing” itself? Why was it being dug out? Is the “thing” Ug-Qualtoth?

The mine was owned by Dunwich Borers LLC, a company that made rock-tunneling drills. This later will be relevant, because in F76 we find two mining companies that also display the metal faces. It seems “mining”, “digging”, and “nuclear” activities are somehow connected with people interested in the entity, whatever it is.

Of course, developers could have used the Metro Man because it was what they had at hand and it fit the general story, as in, “We need a buried statue, but we won’t make an asset just for one instance, so let's reuse the Metro Man.”

2) Mass Fusion Building (Fallout 4)


Note: The Mass Fusion Building is an important place connected to atomic activity. It also houses a Metro Woman. This goes with the theme of “it appears in important places.”

3) Metro Fusion Surroundings (Fallout 4)

FP6YRs7 - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: Curiously, these Metro Men don't seem to be part of the buildings they’re on. They are all turned towards the Mass Fusion building. Guardians?

4) Lucky Hole Mine (Fallout 76)

DffLr0q - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: This is the second most important, because it firmly ties the Metro Man with a supernatural entity. *SPOILERS* A group of Metro Men can be found in a hidden cave. Inside this cave there is a live dormant creature of unknown origin.

In the Lucky Hole Mine we find a note from a man named Jeff Lane. He claims to hear the call of the “Interloper.” He claims others can also hear this “Interloper.” In his own words: “Let it be known, in this world, the Interloper has chosen Jeff Lane as the conduit of the unknowable… Together the hidden reality becomes manifest at long last.”

So. Is the Interloper the same entity of the Dunwich Borers mine? Is it from another dimension? Is it Ug-Qualtoth? Is the Metro Man (found in both mines) a representation of the entity? Or is it a guardian? Did the entity created the faces? Or were the faces created by the cultists, just as an image to worship, and put there deliberately?

Whatever the answers, I think it’s undeniable that the Metro Man is connected to the supernatural entity of Fallout.

5) RobCo Research Center (Fallout 76)

pSXORcE - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: In a terminal entry, we see that the Atomic Mining Services entered a partnership with RobCo to purchase mining robots from them. Again, we can associate the mining activity with the Metro Man.

AMS was secretly mining for ultracite in Watoga. We also learn that they didn't know how ultracite is formed. This might be a hint that the supernatural entity is responsible for creating the rare substance. (We’ll explore this theory in a later thread.)

Curiously, AMS has no faces in its buildings. This leads me to think they aren’t part of the cult, but the cult was using them (through RobCo and Hornwright) for the drilling. Don’t know why.

6) Hornwright Estate (Fallout 76)

MktmYvn - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


MwPcNDY - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: This is the mansion of the Hornwright family, owners of the Hornwright Industrial, a big mining company based in West Virginia. Again, “mining” is associated with the Metro Man.

The Hornwright family is also connected with robotics. And the company created the mining robots (with the help of RobCo) that AMS used to dig ultracite in Watoga.

Was Daniel Hornwright (the patriarch) secretly working to dig the entity in Watoga? Why didn't his company work directly on it? Why the need of using AMS?

7) Watoga (Fallout 76)

uUnW3vF - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


I find this one really interesting. To me, the Metro Man seems to not be part of the building he is on. To me, it was put there deliberately. And the support structure is also polemic. I maintain that it’s some kind of supernatural formed totem. But a lot of people are telling me that it’s just a Scorchbeast Nest. We discussed it in this thread:

Mystery in Watoga – I’ve made a discovery from fo76


My theory is that Ultracite is a byproduct of the entity, and that's the connection with the giant Metro Man and the Shroud Head in that city. We'll discuss it later.

8) Tanagra Town (Fallout 76)

SheeEx4 - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: this one is very interesting. Tanagra Town is surrounded by metal fences with government alerts to stay out. In the middle of the town, a huge portion of the underground was unearthed and now stands on top of a giant tree.

eUJgDC2 - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


The underground rock now exposed has a cave in it. You can find the Metro Man buried inside the cave. So, whatever happened there, it seems that digging out the Metro Man was the purpose.

Tanagra Town is a reference to a Star Trek episode. In the bus station nearby, you can find this graffiti:

ukL2I9H - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


I don't know anything about Star Trek, but you can read about it in this great article:

one trek mind deciphering darmok - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


“Darmok and Jalad on Tanagra” is a phrase used in Star Trek that means “working together.” I think it’s a nice shout-out to the fact that this is an online game with coop. But there’s one aspect of this reference that I don’t think people have yet realized.

In the Star Trek episode, there’s another phrase that can be used to understand Tanagra Town in F76: “The beast at Tanagra.” As per the article: “This is the foe that Darmok and Jalad fought, but has grown to represent any problem that needs to be solved.”

So. What problem needed to be solved and had to be unearthed in such dramatic way? What is the “beast at Tanagra Town”? And what is its relation with the Metro Man?

One last thing: we’ll probably have some answers when they open Vault 96. Apparently, that’s ground zero for the sprout of those red vines we see all over the Mire. I’m willing to bet there will be some connection to the cult too.


The Kirby Head



Note: The name “Kirby Head” appears to be a reference to the style of legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby. Kirby was known to draw “Cosmic Entities.” Maybe this is a clue to the true nature of the Metal Faces. We’re thinking supernatural, maybe we should be thinking extraterrestrial.

1) Fort Hagen (Fallout 4) *found by
Zimrino - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue

Zimrino *


Note: This one is very interesting. Fort Hagen is the location of an important secret government underground bunker (Fort Hagen Command Center). Cait says something like this if you take her there: “I guess this is the place where the high brass hid where soldiers died out there.” The underground Command Center also has an “oval” room with a TV camera. A place for the president in time of war?

OtU6JTj - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


I think this is relevant because the Kirby Head also appears in the Whitespring Resort in F76, another place highly tied to the government and that also has an underground Comand Center.

2) Cliff's Edge Hotel (Fallout 4 – Far Harbor)

p1d7ywalcf611 - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: I haven’t played Far Harbor, so I don't know anything about it. I found the picture in this thread:

Anyone knows anything about the Cliff’s Edge Hotel?

3) The Whitespring Resort (Fallout 76)

kxK0VCC - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: You can find it in a store, of all places, called Studio 58. Seems like a store for the very rich. I don’t know what it means, but the Whitespring Resort also has an underground government bunker, just like Fort Hagen in Fallout 4. In this case, it fits perfectly with the theory. Does the Kirby Head oversee the government?

4) Garrahan Estate (Fallout 76)

eB73o16 - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: This one is a combo-breaker, because I don’t see any connections between the Garrahan family and the government. They were mining magnates, so there’s that. Does Garrahan has anything to do with “command center” or “high government”?


The Metro Woman


1) Mass Fusion Building (Fallout 4)

yIc7xbM - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: Again, the Mass Fusion building is an important place. It’s a big corporation that deals with atomic energy. The Metro Man appears on the facade, and the building is surrounded by other 3 Metro Men. This is a key location on Fallout 4.

2) Haymarket Mall (Fallout 4)

9g1AFxx - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: This building is neighbor of the Mass Fusion Building. It’s a market, so at first it doesn’t seem to fit the theory, since it’s an unimportant place. Untill you realize this building leads to an unmarked location called Congress Street garage. A garage for powerful politicians?

3) Hornwright Estate (Fallout 76)

UvIAI77 - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: Hornwright Industrial is a mining company. As a powerful corporation, it has ties with the government: We know Daniel Hornwright was a big donor for the governor. Also has partnership with RobCo.

4) Garrahan Estate (Fallout 76)

Da4nU8X - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


This is another combo-breaker because I thought the Metro Woman was exclusive to the Hornwright Estate. This is the best evidence that the placement might be random.


The Shroud Head


Note: I haven’t found the Shroud Head in Fallout 4 yet, but I’m sure she’s there. So, fly, my minions, fly! Good hunting!

1) Watoga (Fallout 76)

dNpoYXW - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: This one seems paired with the Metro Man in the same city. It appears in one of those “Scorchbeast Nests” in Watoga. Because of the strong indications that the Metro Man is tied with the entity, and because the Shrouded Head appears in the same fashion of the Metro Man in Watoga, I believe the Shrouded Head must also be tied with the entity. What does it represent? No idea.

2) Garrahan Estate (Fallout 76)

8lZi4Yv - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: The Garrahan Estate is the home of the other big mining family in Fallout 76. They seem to be rivals with the Hornwrights, but at the same time are weirdly very close. Their two mansions are very similar and near each other. The difference? The Garrahan Estate has the Shroud Head. The Hornwright Estate has the Metro Man. Is it just coincidence? Both statues appear in Watoga, also near each other. Both are mining companies.

Were the Garrahans responsible for one aspect of the entity? And the Hornwrights for another?


The Torso Man


Note: I haven’t found the Torso Man in Fallout 4 yet, but I’m sure he’s there!

1) The Whitespring Resort (Fallout 76)

BD5Y1Ni - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: In the same store of the Kirby Head (Studio 58) you can also find a Torso Man.

2) Garrahan Estate (Fallout 76)

ZOqUbVj - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Paired with the Shroud Head, there’s a Torso Man. Garrahan Estate is mining related.


The Giant Head


maxresdefault - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


Note: I haven’t found the Giant Head in Fallout 4 yet, but I'm sure he’s there.

The previous picture is from this video:

EmE5iCycZ1k?t=220 - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue


1) Lucky Hole Mine (Fallout 76)


Note: This is interesting because it’s in the Interloper mine, but it’s not a Metro Man. Two options: it reinforces the notion that the Six Metal Faces are all related to the entity. Or: it IS asset reuse, and this proves they are all interchangeable. I’ll stick with the first option (they all have meaning). I mean, if it’s just asset reuse, why not reuse the Metro Man here?


That't it for now! Have you seen a Metal Face not in the list? Tell us in the comments! =>

Also, if you like Fallout 76 theories, check out
TwitchTVBeaglejack - Fallout Metal Faces Catalogue

TwitchTVBeaglejack theory about it all being a simulation! I think this is the best theory so far!

If you're curious, this is me!


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