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fallout 5 - Fallout: New Orleans part II

Hey guys! I was inspired by all of the positive and constructive feedback that I got from my last post. I wrote down and flushed out some more ideas for Fallout: New Orleans that I wanted to share. I even added links to some of the lesser known people, places, and things in the New Orleans area for those who have never visited.

Here’s a link to the original

Part 2:

The more I thought of quests and achievements, the more I realized they all revolved around rebuilding the city. I think the major theme of the game would be Rebirth. Rebirth of a city and rebirth of a nation.

Gameplay elements:

I think incorporating a strong science and medical backbone to the game would be cool. Similar to survival and crafting skills in the previous games, the player should have a plethora of medications and chemicals to produce that can be both used for health benefits and weaponized. For instance, the player can formulate sedative medications using various plants or other compounds. They could use the sedative to counteract a negative status effect or weaponize it to produce tranquilizer darts for no-kill runs, kidnapping, or whatever else they can imagine. The system could be slightly based in real science (i.e. acids, bases, volatiles, etc.) and encourage players to experiment to produce new substances that could benefit or harm them. You could also affect existing chemicals. For instance imagine the ability to mod stimpacks to have different properties (immediate vs prolonged regeneration, more HP but comes with debuffs, healing affect relative to the amount of damage you have sustained, etc)

Similarly, I feel like the medicine and surgeon skills were drastically underused and not adequately integrated into gameplay as much as other skills. Imagine with a high surgical skill, you have higher chances of specific anatomic damage, such as nerve damage (crippling), vascular damage (causing slow bleeding), or lung injury (affecting stamina and speed).

It may be the teacher in me, but I feel incorporating some subtle history, art, science, and medical education into the story and gameplay would be and fun addition to the game. It is not meant to be annoying or deceptive, more just a real life perk that comes with enjoying a game.

More Quests:

  • The Empty
    Commander%27s Palace - Fallout: New Orleans part II
    Palace – You are thrust in the middle of a 4-way fight for succession of the New Orleans culinary empire. The New Orleans fine dining scene began re-emerging after the city began to repopulate. The efforts were headed by The Queen (an amalgamation of
    Ella Brennan - Fallout: New Orleans part II
    Ella Brennan and
    Leah Chase - Fallout: New Orleans part II
    Leah Chase), a publicly admired matron of the New Orleans food scene. After The Queen’s death, four of her subordinates are struggling for who will take the reigns of the emerging post-apocalyptic fine dining scene. Each potential successor is modeled after a famous New Orleans chef. You can choose to ally and become king-builder for one of the four by sabotaging or eliminating the others:
    • Paul Prudhomme - Fallout: New Orleans part II
      The Cajun – a backwater chef, the underdog
    • Emeril Lagasse - Fallout: New Orleans part II
      The Imposter – a big name but not from New Orleans, no matter how much he wishes. He is willing to pay a lot of money to make sure he is the successor and you know he’s good for it
    • search?q=Alon+Shaya - Fallout: New Orleans part IIThe Foreigner – Earnest guy but a little aloof
    • The Hot-shot – Very charismatic and quick to recruit you to his side but something seems off…
  • 101 Chalmations – Rescue the refugees of Chalmette held up in Fort Proctor. Surrounded by Deathcraws. Special voice appearance by alleged Chalmation Tommy Wiseau.
  • The Best Bank – Restore the Canal St.-Algiers Point Ferry to gain access to the West Bank. Part of the restoration includes fixing the robot ferry captain, Gustave, who is welded to the ship. Gustave was designed as a talking tour guide/captain programmed to be incredibly personable and gregarious. This design was taken to an extreme as Gustave was programmed with memories of a wife and family that did not exist so that he could create small talk about married life and excitement to return home to his loving family after a hard day’s work. After the Great War, Gustave came to believe his imaginary family was killed during the flooding of the city. His depression has prevented him from operating or repairing the ferry. You have several options to restore the ferry:
    • Wipe Gustave’s personality and return him to factory settings. No personality but you have to pay the toll the ride the ferry like everyone else.
    • Convince Gustave his family never existed, launching him into an existential crisis. You can help detach him from the ferry and let him roam the world, in which case he gives the ferry to you.
    • Reprogram Gustave to believe the ferry is his wife and family. He is ecstatic but alarmingly affectionate with his wife/ferry. No matter, you get free rides any time.
  • The Tchouping Block – enter the battle of the bands at Tipitina’s. You don’t necessary need to be skilled in music. You can represent a band as management and help them win. Lie, cheat, steal, or intimidate, be as bad as you want to be to get that win. After all, in the end all the winnings go to charity.
  • A Streetcar to Desire – Restore the cities streetcar system to act as supply lines between factions and encampments. I liked the idea of supply lines in Fallout 4. I think you could make it more complex and require strategy
  • The Single-Cells shall rise again! – the brain eating amoeba in Lake Pontchartrain evolved and have converted the Lakeview community into mindless zombies, stop the infection at the source. Options include:
    • Nuking the lake (and effectively radiating the drinking water for the next 100 years)
    • Completely ignoring them and building a barrier around Lakeview
    • Convincing the sentient hive-mind living under the causeway to move to the Northshore
  • Courir de Mardi Gras – I really want to include the Cajun Mardi Gras in the game because they can be so cool and yet so terrifying. Imaging being in the middle of the swamp and

    • You are tasked by concerned citizens of a local community on the western border of the city to investigate missing livestock. Residents have discovered mutilated flesh sculptures using a mixture of livestock parts. As you venture out to the western border of the world map, you enter a dense marsh where you soon encounter a feral, marauding group dressed for Cajun Mardi Gras. The have been slowly moving east, pillaging and leaving mutilated flesh sculptures. They practice cannibalism, putting human remains in the communal gumbo. They refer to one another as “Mardi Gras” and are lead by Le Capitaine, who is bat-shit crazy and seems to have supernatural powers..
  • O, Fortuna, you capricious sprite! – Explore the Lucky Dogs Inc. warehouse. During the war, the operators were Chinese spies, collecting surveillance on high ranking officials in the New Orleans area. As you uncover the treacherous history through exploration of the warehouse, you come across an old merchant (with distant Brotherhood ties) who tasks you with helping him restore the Lucky Dog cart fleet. He aims to use them to peddle high-tech weapons, armor, and sundries he pilfers from surrounding military bases. The Savant is an engineer working for the merchant who is fed up with his current situation and elects to join you.
  • Score of the Century – A massive, branching quest allowing you to alter the currency and barter system of the game. There is legend of literal tons of Confederate Gold stashed deep under the US Mint in New Orleans. Jacques-Imo “Goldie” Gambineaux, son of famous New Orleans crime figure Angelo “The Gator” Gambineaux is putting together a team to retrieve the gold so he can prove to his father he is ready to inherit and sustain the family business. The problem is the Mint has been overrun with supermutants who only want the building for its defensive position. After doing a couple of errands for Goldie Gambineuax, you are selected to be part of this Mint operation. You and three other recruits begin planning how to get the gold. Being a Fallout game, you can go in guns blazing, plan an elaborate heist, or concoct numerous other ways to access the sub-basement of the Mint where the gold is rumored to be held. Once there, you discover an unopened vault, like, a Vault-Tec vault. Within the vault are survivors and a mountain of gold. But there’s a catch. The vault has a protective time-lock that is not set to open for another 100 years. Should you break the lock, the vault is flooded and the residents drowned but you are able to retrieve the gold and become a rich man. Should you choose to save the residents, the gold ends up being fake.In the case of the fake gold, the resolution becomes trickier. Surviving residents of the vault passed down the skills of coiners, melters, pressers, cutters, and rollers through the generations. Should they be released, they will help you retake the Mint and get to work printing money for you. Depending on which outcome you choose, the New Orleans wasteland could stay on the bottlecap system, transition back to the US dollar, or start the Doubloon system. Different factions all stand to gain depending on your choice. Most of the Wasteland settlements want the bottlecap, the Enclave wants the dollar back, and the Mardi Gras Krewes want doubloons.The team on this mission complicates things even more. One of the members is loyal to the Gambineaux Family and demands you flood the vault and get the money or else he’ll report back to Jacques-Imo and you’ll have a bounty on your head. Another member is an Enclave mole that promises you a place in the president’s cabinet should you rescue the vault-dwellers and start printing US dollars. The last member, Jerry Connick, has ties to Mardi Gras Krewes and has been tasked by the Kouncil of Krewes to utilize the Mint to make
    doubloons. Your reward for siding with the Krewes is massive reputation boost in the city and you are crowned
    Rex parade - Fallout: New Orleans part II
    Rex.It would be a major quest and plot point for the game. It would be complex and intriguing with numerous twists, turns, double-crosses, and numerous possible outcomes. I know it sounds very reminiscent of Dead Money but I think there could be enough in terms of differences to make it unique.
  • The Kingfisher – Based on an idea from
    Etheros64 - Fallout: New Orleans part IIu/Etheros64, A powerful "New Confederacy" faction led by ghouls across several of the gulf states built upon the slave labor of non-ghouls is going through a power struggle. Since its inception, the faction has been a plutocracy run by a council of wealthy families. The families have slowly drifted apart ideologically, leading to a shaky foundation to the empire which has been rapidly spreading across southern Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle. Now each family is poising for a power grab. Additionally, an up-and-coming, populist ghoul (modeled after
    Huey P. Long) is gaining a following in Mississippi by rejecting the old ways and pushing to end the ghouls’ reliance on slave labor. You have the option to aid any family or the populist.
  • mafspace.msfc.nasa - Fallout: New Orleans part IIThe USSA Assembly Facility – A major part of the pre-war US government’s backup plan if nuclear war leaves the planet uninhabitable: relocation. There were functional spaceships ready for interplanetary travel by October 2077. The facility is not directly damaged by bombs during The Great War but it is rendered inaccessible due to massive flooding of the surrounding area. Damage to the facility from storms over the years has led to release of radioactive isotopes used to power the ships into the surrounding environment, making a highly contaminated area. Over the next two centuries, many scavengers and treasure hunters have attempted to reach the facility but none have made it back alive. There is no mission directing you to go there, but it is offhandedly mentioned by older NPCs as a legend. Once you stumble upon it, several missions become available:
    • The Final Frontier – You come across Harold, who has inexplicably released himself from his imprisonment inside of Bob. His extraction cost him his arms and legs; what is left of him is essentially a log with his face in it. He has been hitchhiking around the country in an effort to find somewhere he can finally be happy. He ends up stuck inside the facility as he was dropped into the Mississippi river somewhere around the Twin Cities and floated all the way to the coast. He is old and tired, he no longer wants to live in this world but is convinced fate will not allow him to die. As a final favor, Harold requests you load him on the last remaining ship and launch him into space.
    • The Last Zetan – You come across a zetan stranded in the facility. He is the sole survivor of the events of Mothership Zeta, crash landing in an escape pod after the destruction of the other mothership; He found his way to the facility and attempted to commandeer a spacecraft to take home. He turns out to be not the brightest Zetan and has struggled for years to modify a USSA craft so it is capable of returning to the Zetan homeworld. He enlists your help with the promise of Zetan technology including weapons and biomed gel. You have the option upon repair of the spacecraft to send Harold, the Zetan, or both into space.
    • O Brother, where art thou? – You come across not one but three Brotherhood of Steel expedition forces that have perished in or around the facility. One was a scavenging team and the other two were rescue operations. Find a way to re-establish communications with their base to tell them of their brothers’ fate.
      • Ya Heard Me? – In attempting to reach the brotherhood, you learn that communications satellites orbiting the earth are still operational and several groups have tapped into them. From this point forward, you will get occasional quests from various disembodied voices claiming to belong to “interested parties” asking you to perform various chaotic tasks or assassinations in New Orleans. These are not radiant quests but real quests that have significant ramifications.


Achievements (accomplishing some achievements will give you a bonus perk or SPECIAL point):

  • I’m so New New Orleans – Smoke nukajuana (or shoot Daddy-O) with Kermit Ruffins VI at the Mother in Law Lounge
  • C’est Levee – Repair the all the broken levees in the city
    • Perk – Heck of a job, Brownie – +10 repair skill
  • You go Girl – Find all the hidden caches marked by graffiti
  • The Holy Trinity – Successfully collect the makin’s for gumbo
  • My time is valuable, let’s focus on Rampart – Visit all the historical sites on Rampart St. (Louis Armstrong Park, The Saenger, New Orleans Athletic Club, Loew’s State Theater, WWL-TV)
  • Be Nice or Leave – Get banished from a New Orleans settlement
  • Coffee NO sugar – Explore the riverside sugar refinery and coffee roasting warehouses in New Orleans East
  • Straight Outta Norco – Discover all the refineries in the Norco/Destrehan area
  • Everyday is Christmas – Buy a shot for the dog at
    Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge
    • Perk – Lucky Dog – additional +2 Luck anytime you are under the influence of alcohol
  • Spirit of Charity – Heal companions for >10,000 HP worth of damage (cumulative)
    • Perk – Spirit of Charity – +10 medicine skill, 3% chance any healing item will replenish your entire HP
  • Hop On, Hop Off – visit all the tourist bus stops in the city. Accomplishing this reveals the map of the entire city.


  • Flambeaux – Increased night vision radius and fire resistance
  • Gator Skin – +1 to base armor and 3% chance of reflecting energy attacks (cumulative)
  • Now it’s a second line! – +1 to the maximum number of companions (cumulative)

  • (NSFW) – Action point, critical chance, and speech bonuses whenever Bounce music is playing.
  • Body by S&WB – essentially the Lead Belly perk
  • Gutter Punk – essentially the Roughin’ it perk
  • Old Soul – Unique dialogue options with elderly characters and those >100 years old
  • Mechanical Bull Rider – cannot be staggered


  • King Cake Baby – Your Luck is tied to your net worth. The less money you have, the higher your luck. and conversely the more money you have, the worse your Luck. You get -1 Luck for every 1000 caps you have over 1000 (max deduction -3). Additions to Luck based on net worth: +3 for <100 caps, +2 for 100-300, +1 for 300-500, 0 for 500-1000.
  • Webbed Feet – +50% movement speed in water but -15% movement speed on land
  • Stone Bones – You have a rare genetic disorder that makes your bones stronger than the average human. You are granted increased damage resistance and have a much lower chance of being crippled. Unfortunately, it is a very painful condition and you must constantly have a painkiller or alcohol in your system to cope or else suffer a penalty of -2 agility and -2 perception.


Somebody brought up companions in a nice comment and I did not have a chance to respond before it was deleted. I initially did not even think about companions but they are such a great addition as they add so much backstory and allow you to follow a character arc besides your own. Here’s are some companions I thought of:

  • The Southern Debutante/Dandy – a prim and proper southerner from a plantation in Alabama far removed from postapocalyptia. They enlist your services as a bodyguard to keep the big-city ruffians from sullying their delicates. Initially reserved yet charismatic, as they travel with you, they become more enamoured with combat to the point where they start to join in, showing an aptitude for violence. Eventually they become a bloodthirsty combatant while still retaining their southern charm and manners.
  • The Old Orleanian – Tough as nails, dock worker from a long line of New Orleans Longshoremen. Think New Orleans Frank Sobotka. Not subtle, book smart, or charismatic but handy in a fight and connected throughout town. Knows everyone and everything in city like the back of their hand, for better or worse.
  • Don Juan-bot – Programmed after the world’s greatest lover. It’s primary goal is to bed the finest women (and men) in South East Wasteland. Although puzzled why it has had no luck, Don Juan-bot is not programmed to doubt its abilities. It follows you through the wasteland, defending your honor and seeking your approval in a an effort to romance you. One quest can be to construct a companion and lover for Don Juan-bot.
  • The Coonass – A Cajun good ol’ boy from down the bayou. Sweet, sincere, incredibly resourceful, skilled in survival, and barely intelligible. Speaks predominantly nu-creole. Unkempt and not charismatic with the city-folk but knows the bayou and is willing to give you the shirt of his back (if he ever wore one).
  • An intelligent animal companion – I love Dogmeat to death but I think replacing him with a semi-intelligent animal companion like Goris from FO2 would be an awesome addition. Maybe Boudin the Wild Boar or an FEV primate.
  • The French Intellectual – A well-spoken, highly intelligent, painfully condescending French intellectual who immigrated from Europe to bring enlightenment back to the savages of the American South East. She was born in France and attended the finest French Academies. Well versed in all the classics (and constantly reminds you of that fact). The characters arc would involve helping her find a way back to Europe. Along the way, you discover she was born in Terrebonne and her entire upbringing was in a virtual reality pod a la Vault 112. The character gradually accepts this and becomes one of the most endearing and loyal companions as she realizes you are her only friend.
  • The Tourist – A young tourist who travels down from the midwest looking for adventure only to be robbed for every penny they are worth after being drugged in the French Quarter and then left for dead on a small island in Mid City. They cling to you for help but prove to be silver-tongued, excelling in barter and speech to the point they can help you pass speech checks and even talk your way out of failed speech checks.
  • The Savant – a gift chemist and engineer with a difficult personality. Modeled after Ignatius J. Reilly, he is a slobish, delusional windbag with a heart of gold that drops Ignatius quotes from time to time:
    • I suspect you can see that I am forced to function in a century which I loathe.
    • Leaving New Orleans also frightened me considerably. Outside of the city limits the heart of darkness, the true wasteland begins.
    • With the breakdown of the medieval system, the gods of chaos, lunacy, and bad taste gained ascendancy
    • The only excursion of my life outside of New Orleans took me through the vortex to the whirlpool of despair: Baton Rouge. . . . New Orleans is, on the other hand, a comfortable metropolis which has a certain apathy and stagnation which I find inoffensive.

Once again, that you all so much for all the supportive feedback. This is such an amazing and imaginative community, I’m so glad I was able to share my little thought exercise with you. This will be the last big one I post, I promise. I’ve got to cut myself off so I can get back to working at my real job.

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