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fallout 7 - Fallout new vegas build help

I'm trying to make a vats addict 100 skill build for my first normal playthrough of new vegas with all the DLC, with crits on the side as a bonus. I'm having the most difficulty trying to find weapons that would work best and perks to go with them. I might end up with a guns/EW hybrid build by the looks of it. I wanna stay away from DLC specific weapons (save GRA) as I don't know when I'll get to them.

My special is in this order (final): 3(7) 5(6) 7(8) 1 7(8) 9(10) 8(9)

Traits: Kamikaze and Built to Destroy

Armor: Ulysses Duster, Lucky Shades, 1st Recon

And my perks as of now:

Black Widow



Vigilant Recycler


Rapid Reload

Jury Rigging

Better Criticals

Center of Mass

Weapon Handling

Voracious Reader

Laser Commander


Light Touch

Bloody Mess

Piercing Strike

Implant GRX(2)


Math Wrath

Grim Reaper Sprint

Nerves of Steel

Action Girl(2)

Karma Perk

**These are the perks I have the most doubts about or wanna get:**

Vigilant Recycler to Hand Loader- I see more use of of hand loader than I do Recycler

Meltdown- Close quarters might become an issue with this

Piercing Strike- I'd like to replace this with something else

And Stay Back/Shotgun Surgeon- Just something to consider

Cowboy/Grunt- more for the hybrid build

Weapon Handling- if all my gun choices fall under 7 strength, then I'll consider removing this

Bloody Mess/Light Touch/Black Widow- I'd need a reason to replace these

**And now the weapons that I think might be useful with this build**

A side note: I'm mostly looking for guns with low spread to use in vats and high dps outside of it as two separate weapons. Crit multipliers are a bonus but I wanna avoid using two weapons that use the same ammo. My three gun categories are: Close range, Long range, and 'It need to die now!'.

Pew Pew- By my numbers, it outdoes the Ranger Sequoia and can be purely compatible with a guns purist build with it's low requirements. A quick two shot kill in vats that can combo incredibly with Grim Reaper. My original choice for for general short to medium range combat. (STR 1)


Ranger Sequoia- A powerful pistol with low spread for vats. Ammo scarcity worries me however. Another choice for for general short to medium range combat. (STR 6)

Anit-Material (or any guns sniper rifle)- Just a gimmick choice if I wanna have fun (STR 8 and down)

Pacianecia- A high power, low spread, crit weapon. An excellent choice for medium to long range combat and close range vats. (STR 6)

All-American- Just another choice for vats but I don't know how well this work out when compared to others mentioned. (STR 4)

Riot Shotgun- My 'it needs to die now' option for close quarters combat. a non vats weapon that I can pair with GRX if need be. (STR 7)

YCS/186- My energy equivalent for Paciencia. Good for medium to long range combat and short range vats. (STR 5)

Q-35- Just figured I'd throw this in for a suggestion. I don't know how well this would preform personally. (STR 2)

AER14- The poster boy for vats critical energy weapons, but I'm not sure if its stopping power will compare to the others during the late game. (STR 3)

Laser Rifle+- Heard this could be the best critical damage weapon of the bunch but I find it kinda dull. Plus, it loses power in vats. (STR 3)

SW9700/Gatling Laser+- I'll likely choose the Gatling laser but this is my energy equivalent of 'it needs to die now' weapon. However, unlike the riot gun, this works better at longer ranges due to its low spread. I'm just not sure how well it would handle close quarters like the Riot gun can. (STR 6/8)

As for possible melee/unarmed, I'll start with Embrace of the Mantis King (STR 4), the later move onto Fist of Rawr (STR 6).

**Tell me what you think of this spread and please give some advice on some changes I could add. I'm still relatively new at the game and I'd like to go in with a plan if possible.**

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