Fallout New Vegas build: The War Reporter

fallout 7 - Fallout New Vegas build: The War Reporter

Notes: This build is actually on the younger side, and sort of like the Piper of NV and around the same age

The war correspondent was born in a small settlement in the NCR, not major but also not tiny. He was born to a family who worked for a local Brahmin ranch, and his settlement actually had some decent levels of education. When he wasn’t in school or helping with the Brahmin he was writing things down, it started with stories, but when he turned 14 he started paying attention to political areas of the NCR, small ones to start with, basic news around his settlement, his local mayor actually let him set up his own newspaper stand, he believed in freedom of the press like the old world governments. A year into his journalistic career his families livelihood was being threatened by a Brahmin baron, hands deep in the pockets of an NCR senator buying his way through life, the correspondent couldn’t let that happen, he began an investigation and within 2 weeks he published an article all about the man, it got the guy to back off realizing more people could learn of what he’s doing, and in the year 2277 when he turned 18, he had wrote an article about the political situation in the Mojave wasteland, all this coming from his own hearings over the radio and things from discharged or relieved NCR soldiers who came back from duty. Someone in the senate was visiting the correspondents town and had actually purchased one of these articles, specifically the one about the Mojave. He offered the correspondent and his parents along with his 12 year old sister to come to Shady Sands, they’ll have a more comfortable life, be closer to the action of the NCR, and be able to do more journalism for the NCR. He agreed on the deal he was allowed to write non bias articles, which was agreed too. However he only had a few months to settle in, because in August of 2278 a little bit before he turned 19, he was drafted, being a journalist did help him though, instead of going straight to the frontlines at Forlorn Hope he was sent to Camp Mcaran as he was assigned in the Mojave as a war correspondent. He had been given a camera by the NCR to take pictures of troops, writes stories from the frontlines or as close as he'll get, they even gave him slightly nicer gear than your average soldier. Eventually he was able to take a job as a courier to see more of the Mojave, and get more insight on people living out here, eventually though he was shot in the head, robbed and presumably killed.

Upon waking up in Goodsprings the correspondent is going to want to find the man who shot him to get answers on why he was robbed and to get the chip back to finish the job. The correspondent, who’s now 22 is going to help everyone he can, except of course the legion, he cares about helping people, but two get information he’s going to be willing to do what it takes to get information for a story or even just to help a group of people. He’s of course going to side with the NCR having grown up there and believing in the republic, he’s also going to try to handle most factions with diplomacy. Also you’re going to want to help Michael/Sheldon on the strip ASAP and do his quest so you get the camera for his quest, and role play like some pictures you take are things you’ll send back to the NCR to publish in a column there.


For the special stats you’re going to want to prioritize your charisma, intelligence and luck, then go with perception and, finally endurance, agility and strength should be lower having grown up in the NCR and not having the same level of basic training as everyone else, even though he did have a good level. Your traits should be skilled and/or good natured to represent his caring nature, and time in the military, and trigger discipline because having been trained to safely use firearms he may be slower but he’d be more accurate. For your tag and major skills go with speech, guns and sneak, guns to represent his soldier side, and sneak to show his tactical side, and his ability to get things for the next story. You’ll also want speech to get more information out of NPCs in quests and to avoid too much combat. For your minor skills I’d recommend Lockpick, medicine, science, explosives (just to get the grunt perk and also get easy Pete’s dynamite) and then repair, showing his wide skill set. For perks I’ll suggest grunt to represent his training, sneering imperialist only because he grew up in the NCR and wouldn’t like people living like animals in tents. I’d also suggest perks like lady killer and confirmed bachelor, take the professional to help your silenced 10mm pistol/.45 auto pistol from Honest Hearts. Finally take perks you feel benefit your guns, your armor, your grenades, or your speech.

For equipment let’s start with weapons, he’ll use a service rifle and silenced 10mm pistol until he gets to Zion canyon, once you’re there get Randall Clark’s survivalists rifle, a unique service rifle and a .45 auto pistol and make sure to suppress it too, both weapon are benefited by grunt which also makes sense because after HH the Gun Runners now sell that stuff implying that the NCR also uses the .45 auto pistol and of course the service rifle. Also carry a combat knife and a few frag grenades because NCR soldiers are known to be versatile with all that kind of stuff. For armor when you’re in the field wear any kind of protective medium/light armor you can find, and when in civilized locations wear some kind of clothing. For end game gear, keep a suit of some kind (if you’re fine with console commands get Kimballs suit) some pre War spring wear, maybe if you want Veras dress and use the male version, or even Daniels outfit arguably at least the outfit part not so much the hat and for when you’re in the field wear Joshua Grahams Armor, this is because it’s proper body armor the only kind of body armor that exists in FNV and really most other games as well, or if you want wear a suit of combat armor or even power armor if you like, maybe even riot gear from lonesome road or HH.

Finally for companions you’re going to want Rex because dogs can sniff out details and help you with the assassins sent by Caesars legion to kill Kimball. I also suggest Boone because a reporter is gonna need a sniper to help watch over them, and then Cass. You can use Veronica, Raul and anyone else that’s just what I suggest. I’d also say Ed-E is pretty good because he can record sounds and keep the recordings, perfect for roleplaying getting NCR soldiers to be interviewed.

That’s gonna do it for this build, hope you like it and I’ll be back with another build soon

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