Fallout Parody: Letter of Suggestion to Surrender to Elder Elijah

fallout 8 - Fallout Parody: Letter of Suggestion to Surrender to Elder Elijah

This article is a parody based on the "Battle of Helios One" between the Brotherhood of Steel and the New California Republic mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas plot, which is not in line with the actual game plot.

It also parodied Mao Zedong's letter of Suggestion to Surrender to Nationalist Army Commander Du Yu Ming in 1949 during Second Civil War of China.


This is the letter to Elder Elijah, Paladin McNamara, Paladin Hardin and all Mojave Brotherhood of Steel members in Helios One power station:

You have now reached the point where you will fail. The Ramos squadron has been annihilated on the evening of the 15th. The Lorenzo squadron has turned around and fled. You have no hope of moving closer to them. Do you want to break through? The Republican Army is in all directions. How can you break out? What are the results of your attempts to break out these days? Your power armors and energy weapons are also useless. We have more power armors and energy weapons than you. This is the fortifications and explosives. Look at the battles these days. Isn't it ten times more powerful than your power armors and energy weapons? Your Taggart squad is over, and your unit's casualties is more than half.

Although you forced many Scribe and minors from the Hidden Valley into the army, how can these people fight? Over the past ten days or so, under our siege and heavy blows, your position has shrunk greatly. You only have such a small place, less than a mile straight, so many people crowd together, and we can kill a bunch of you with one shell. Your wounded soldiers and family members of the army follow you to grief. Your soldiers and many cadres don't want to fight anymore. Your Paladins, Knights, Scribees, should be considerate of the mood of your subordinates and family members, cherish their lives, and stop making them unnecessary sacrifice.


Now that Ramos has been wiped out, Lorenzo escapes to Bunker No. 13, and we can concentrate several times your strength on you. We have only forty days in this battle. You have lost ten squads of Sato, eleven squads of Ramos, eight squads of Taggart, five squads of Stanton and two squads of Watkins. A squad at the Eldorado gas station, a squad at Neil's cabin, you lost a total of thirty-eight squads. Except that Schuler led three and a half squads to surrender and Torres led one squad to surrender, the remaining thirty-three and half squads were all wiped out by our army.

You have already seen the end of Saito, Ramos and Tagget. You should follow the example of Elder Maxson IV of the Lost Hill and immediately order the entire army to lay down their weapons and stop resistance. We can guarantee the safety of your senior officers and all officers and men. This is your only option to survive. Think about it! If you think it's good, just do it. If you still want to fight, then fight again, after all, you are going to be resolved.

New California Republic Army Command
New California Rangers Command

December 17, 2276

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