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fallout 1 - Fallout Quebec fan-made setting ideas

So a while back I started talking with someone online about Fallout and he told me of his idea for an antagonist faction he called New Quebec. As I was thinking about it I had another idea about giving it some Napoleonic Imperial flair and this has been the result so far.

During the Anchorage campaign a new organization called the Acadien Society, emerged in Quebec against growing American influence in Canada. It's ideology merged Quebec nationalism with communism and was named after the lost Acadia colony to remind French speakers of the Acadian expulsion and fuel anti-English sentiment. After the US annexed Canada, the Acadien society began a guerrilla war and fled to the Laurentine mountains when the bombs fell. After waiting for radiation levels to fall, the society took over the Saint Lawrence valley and set up a new communist state called the Acadien Republic of Quebec. The first four decades saw significant economic growth for Quebec as the Acadiens brought order and an efficient bureaucracy to the region. But things took a turn for the worst as a famine struck the young nation. The party leadership clung onto Communist principles and doubled down on the worst policies of it's system. Which eventually led to the government being unable to provide basic services to it's citizens or pay it's soldiers. So to compensate, the government allowed militias to take over certain regions. The crisis came to ahead when a coup was attempted by lower ranked soldiers and democrats against the government. The attempt turned into a protracted battle that lasted for a week in Quebec city, the nations capital, and although the loyalists won it was at the cost of massive casualties and it was clear that they no longer had the force to maintain authority. Ushering a century of warlordism in Quebec.


This era finally came to an end when migrating super mutants from the institute invaded the region in 2217. Devastating many of the minor warlords before Louis Gagnon, the most powerful warlord at that time, charged into battle and defeated the super mutant horde at the battle of Estrie. Gagnon established a hegemony over the surviving warlords (allowing some special privileges for recognizing his authority) and named his state the Nation of Acady. While also moving the capital from Quebec City, to his base in Reso (former Montreal). Unfortunately his descendants proved to be weak leaders and the petty warlords regained their strength causing another era of instability.

The city state of Ronto started expanding to the south of Acady sparking the Ontoric Wars. The wars saw a decline in the warlords power in favor of a more centralized state led by the efforts of the Auberjon family (decedents of Rene Auberjonois and related to Napoleon), stewerds to the Gagnon family. But the wars ended inconclusively with the Treaty of Ronto where the Gagnon house gave massive concessions to Ronto in exchange for peace. This worked for a time but the post war Acady was wrought with turbulence. The Gagnon patriarch Jean III attempted ambitious reforms within Acady which proved to be unpopular. Carlo Auberjon used this growing resentment against the Gagnon family to overthrow Jean who subsequently fled to Ronto. Ronto and it's allies, the Dominion and the Nathanite Confederacy declared war on Acady with the goal of restoring Jean to power. But Carlo proved to be a visionary when it came to warfare and against all odds, defeated the coalition against him (who in truth, weren't as prepared for war as they thought they were.)

Upon this victory, Carlo declared himself Emperor and the Acady church recognized him as the successor to Rome. He's temporarily halted his armies to consolidate his gains but has plans to conquer the Crossroads (Midwestern city states), the East Coast, and perhaps all of North America.


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