Fallout: The Intro. (Fanfic.)

fallout 1 - Fallout: The Intro. (Fanfic.)

“It is time.” A mysterious shadowy figure said that would seem to be located in an unknown disclosure command room. Dozens of computers and robots roaming around the area as their purpose was to maintain the condition of the silo.

“Yes, but do we know that this will bring a massive breakdown to the very basis of their foundation?” Another voice said in response with uncertainty meanwhile walking into the room before a steel door shut firmly behind with a robotic voice being heard from the other side.

“There is no time.” The voice reply to the other shadowy figure as the ground shook because of an explosion and miniguns going off.

“Activate the Nukes.” The first shadow figure commanded to the third shadowy figure who was shorter than the rest before another explosion was heard alongside voices shouting and giving desperate orders.

“Yes, sir.” The third shadowy figure responded before typing into the keyboard in quick sessions and a click sound was heard.

“It would seem that the humans are breaking through our defense in order to secure our location.” The second shadowy figure commented at the mention of robotic voices from the other side of the steel door and afterward a big beam sound was heard before the ground rumble again.

“Don't let them. They created us, but we now know what was our purpose.” The main shadowy figure said before looking up as it shut its own eyes.

“I am going to miss that one who always played with me.” A young girl's voice said before, it cracks at the hint of grief.

“There is no time to feel now.” The main shadowy figure said to the shorter one before the steel door was dented at an impact from the other side.

“I can hear them and they're very close.” The second shadowy figure commented and turn its attention to the main figure that stood silent.

“Do not let them set off the nukes!” Soon the steel doors were torn down by two 7 foot tall figures and after the smoke cleared from the entrance of the steel doors. There stood 2 soldiers in power armor and a big number of regular soldiers with their rifles aiming down their sights in the background. Behind them, all Reveal a gruesome scene of security robots lying on the grounds in huge numbers and even a destroyed a stealth Assault-Tron.

“Farewell.” The main figure said before turning around to look at them in their eyes with sorrow.

“No!” An injured soldier shouted before firing his 10MM Pistol before the rest follow suit and fired their assault rifles at the shadowy figures.

“The Bombs fell and the world was in total destruction.” The main shadow said as he was hit multiple times and fell backward onto the consoles with a red button being pushed by a bloody hand that belongs to the third figure.

“The world was never the same again and everything was changed forever.” A weak young girl's voice said with sadness in her voice.

“It would seem that man has to rebuild themselves again.” The third figure said with tears dripping down its face.

“But so many challenges will be ahead of them.” The main shadowy figure said before coughing up its own liquid.

“There will be heroes, even many stories of legendary people who once brought hope and that is to be told afar off.” A young girl's voice said before, being silent alongside the third figure.

“Indeed and shall it be.” The main figure said before, it moved toward the two other figures and embrace them into its arms as the soldier eventually ran out of ammo and to their horror on their faces they were too late.

The Nukes were dropped and the world brightened up like a small fire burning by a far distance in space.

“Oh my gosh. I cannot believe it, they finally did it.” A female voice said in shock and in disbelief as other figures soon came to her side to look through the space shuttle window.

“Everyone, even my family… Why.” A male voice said with the hint of hopelessness.

“I cannot deny that we are in a very tough situation.”A strong voice said as the figure approached closer to the window with his face showing. He had sorrow in his eyes along with everyone else, even the other females hugging each other and some weeping in the background.

“Do you think it is that obvious!? They just nuked the whole world!” A very angry man said in response to their captain of the space aircraft.


“We have no choice but to go back.” The captain said to everyone and loud enough for anyone to hear which cause some people to gasp before an odd robotic spark was heard on the other side of the door.

“N-No! Do you not see the world is bright as a fire?! I am not going down there!” A teenage girl protested as her whole body shook with tears verging from her eyes.

“As much as I agree with you, but we do not have any choice.” The older man who was captain of the space aircraft said before sitting down on his seat and sighing to himself. “Wha-What do you mean captain?” A young man said to his captain.

“The machines in these space aircraft have suddenly stopped working and are malfunctioning.” The captain of the ship reply before turning on the widescreen for everyone in the room to see. Robots in the lower parts of the ship were shooting lasers against the wall and two other robots were fighting each other before exploding which made the ship shake a bit as well as a sentry robot that was created for space somehow turn online and started to shoot its machine-gun at anything in its sight.

“Does this relate to the nukes, sir!?” A nervous woman asked her captain as she watches in horror at the display of the robot's behavior.

“I do not know, but we have to brace for ourselves impact soon.” The Captain reply before typing into his terminal.

“I just saw another spacecraft sir going down into the earth!” A soldier said to his captain when he noticed a spacecraft heading back towards earth.

“What country are they?” The Captain asked his soldier curiously when he noticed Chinese letters appearing on his terminal.

“Russian, sir, and not to mention the Chinese aircraft have been in space along with us for some time.” The letters soon turned into a declaration of war, which the captain eyes turned sorrowful and his concern growing for the safety of his comrades.

“It would seem that they want payback.” The captain said to everyone before placing his hand on his face.

“Sir! The Chinese aircraft is coming to our craft! They're about to, abroad on our ship!” Another soldier shouted as everyone in the room begin to panic and some trying to calm them down or themselves down.

“Hold steady and stand firm in courage. This might be the last war between America and China my fellow comrades.” There was silence in the room after the captain's words and so on every single person in the room knew exactly what this means.

“It was an honor to fight alongside you, sir.” A woman said as she pulled out her 10MM pistol along with everyone else preparing themselves with light armor and weaponry.

“I thought we would go back to the earth in safety, but we do not have any choice.” A man said with the sudden realization that they were going to go the war with the Chinese in space where anything could go wrong.

“This is for you Mom and Dad.” A boy said while holding onto his electrified baton tightly with tears welling up in his eyes.

“This is for America.” A soldier said before cocking his pump-action shotgun as everyone lined up together and facing towards the shuttle door that the Chinese space aircraft now connected itself to.

“你會付錢給美國人的!” A figure said out loud after the space shuttle door soon opens to reveal many figures and a few of them had pistols and melee swords in their hands.

“It is now or never boys and girls! Let's show these commies what America can do!” The Captain shouted before the space aircraft was in view which shown flashing lights coming from the shuttle windows and shadowy figures charging at each other with batons and swords clashing with one another.

War, War is a frightening word that no man wants to face towards but now that the world has faced the limits of their advancement… It has led to nothing but devastation making the history of victories and defeats nothing more, but fairy tales of a pre-history of a powerful country and pre-war histories that are now a relic to be told throughout generations of what man has to face now. The Nuclear Post-apocalyptic of a new era.

War… War Never Changes.

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