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fallout 8 - Fallout Total War idea

The idea is to bring the fallout game back to is top down perspective root . Either Real time strategy or Turn based. You will control different faction in different campaign for control of the wasteland. I only covered the basic.

Caesar’s legion : cheap soldier but fast and high health . Use number to overwhelm enemies. Never flee in combat.Utitlize melee weapon. Tier 1 : scout and recruit soldier utilize mostly melee weapon . Legion's mongrel as the cheapest unit Tier 2 : Decanus : get low grade pre-war firearms like pistol , smg , varmin rifle , double action rifle ,… Tier 3 : Centurion and Assassin and Frumentarii : very high health , bring weapon like : Chainsaw , thermic lance , ballistic fist , industrial hand, super slegde,… Special :Frumentarii unit use stealth boy and is invisible. Can be detected by Legion mongrel,Enclave robot,BoS scribe,NCR guard dog.

Brotherhood of Steel : Expensive Soldier . Utilize Energy weapon . High Health.Slow movement. Rarely flee in combat. Tier 1 : Scribe : basic laser pistol. . Not too expensive or high health but make up for speed.Can heal allies on the go. Tier 2 : Knight : more expensive , carry laser rifle or triple laser rifle . decent armor. Tier 3 : Paladin : Power Armor soldier. Armor from T45 to T51 .Carry tesla canon or gatling laser . High damage and high health . Slow movement. Special : Liberty Prime


NCR : The middle ground between . Mediocre soldier . Low price . decent armor. decent gun. Often flee in combat. Normal speed. Ballisitic weapon. Tier 1 : Grunt : Service rifle , automatic carbine . Decent armor. Guard dog as the cheapest but weakest unit. Tier 2 : NCR ranger , medium armor and health . Carry their ranger revolver and double action rifle . Deal lot of damage. Tier 3 : NCR heavy trooper : Salvaged power armor but slow. Weapon are LMG , minigun , missle launcher , fat man, 50 cal . Special : Artillery support. Limited range and can be moved but very slow.

Enclave : Most expensive troops. often flee in combat . Utitlize Plasma weapon. Tier 1 : Enclave trainee carry plasma pistol and . Enclave squad leader to make sure soldier don’t flee, carry plasma defender . weak armor. also Protectron and robobrain. Tier 2: Power armored soldier : Plasma rifle to plasma caster and gauss rifle . Armor from enclave Power armor to hellfire and tesla. high health but slow . Tier 3 : Sentry bot , tamed deathclaw. Vertibird act as gunship as well as troop carrier. Special : orbital strike. Strike anywhere but long cooldown time and very exspensive.

Raider : for small mission . general act as critter for your army to fight to gain more resource . Fast but very weak. Tier 1 : raider armor . carry low grade melee weapon . low health . no armor.Also have guard dog. Tier 2 : carry low grade firearms. and have raider armor but still weak. Tier 3 : metal armor or metal armor reinforced. Carry flamer to heavy incinerator. Special : chems buff . Not really effective.

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