Falsely Banned – 6 Month Anniversary

fallout 4 - Falsely Banned - 6 Month Anniversary

After 6 months of spamming support and posting on Reddit, this will be my last attempt at getting help before giving up.

Watch this clip:
ifdt6 - Falsely Banned - 6 Month Anniversary


TLDR: Killed dupers on stream, took the duped mats they had on them, threw those mats away immediately after, then got suspended for being a duper SIX months ago and Bethesda Support continues to ignore me. Hoping turning to Reddit will get someone from Bethesda to finally lift my suspension.

Six months ago, my account was suddenly suspended indefinitely for item duplication.

I think my account was one of the first to get suspended, although a few days after my suspension waves of bans started going out. The thing is though, I had never crafted a single board, let alone duped. I had a decent inventory of various end game weapons and armor pieces but every item I had was gained from months of hardcore trading (anyone who did any trading on the trade discords back then probably saw me spamming 24/7 using the name masdeath), as well as grinding two characters to level 150++. I had no more than 1 or 2 of any given weapon and had no more than a couple hundred of any individual mat stored (and obviously wasn't using any sort of inventory/stash glitches). Again, I had never duped any item and thus was both baffled and extremely upset by the sudden account suspension. I immediately sent support a couple tickets demanding to know why my account had been suspended and received no responses. Finally, after 9 days, I tweeted Bethesda Support and finally got my first response:

I waited two weeks hoping they'd investigate my account, realize they somehow made a mistake, and lift the suspension on my account. Instead, I never heard back from them. For the next two months, I regularly made new tickets demanding answers and was ignored for two straight months. Finally, after tweeting Bethesda Support again, I got a response to one of my tickets:


Note that I was suspended for having 31k flux and 21k ultracite. Remember those numbers. After almost 2.5 months of trying to figure out why I was suspended, I was beyond upset when I finally found out the reason I was suspended. Anyone who played back then knows how much of a problem dupers were to the game. Dupers were lagging out servers in order to dupe and it made it hard for normal people to play and enjoy the game. My friend Shibby2142 was regularly streaming Fallout 76 on the Machinima youtube/twitch channels at the time (rip Machinima) and what we would do was server hop looking for dupers and then go try to interrupt them. Basically, whenever a server would start to lag out we'd look for groups of people that were in weird spots and then we'd fast travel to them and see what they were up to. One of the servers we swapped to was lagging out and we noticed a group of four people in a strange spot so I fast traveled over there to see what was up. Two of the guys were level 100+ and started firing at me so I killed them both:


After dying, one of them said to his low level friend on proximity voice chat "you might want to pick up my junk." Instantly I sprinted over to the guy's body to see what he had and surprise surprise, caught another duper:




Note the 31k flux and 21k ultracite I picked up off the guy's body. The guy's friend had managed to grab some of the stuff off his body but I think I managed to snatch up the bulk of the duped junk they were lugging around. My friend Shibby and I farmed the dupers for awhile longer until they gave up, at which point I threw the duped mats on the ground and then we server hopped to find more dupers to kill:

To recap, I killed dupers, took their duped mats (including 31k flux and 21k ultracite), then threw the mats away so the dupers wouldn't get their stuff back. I was then permanently suspended for having had 31k flux and 21k ultracite, even though I had immediately thrown the mats away at the time. Again, at no point did I ever dupe and at no point did I ever keep/use the duped mats we took off of actual dupers. It took over 2.5 months, multiple submitted tickets, and multiple tweets to Bethesda Support to finally find out why I was suspended in the first place and obviously the suspension was 100% incorrect on Bethesda's part. I've asked Bethesda repeatedly to have someone hop on my account where they could easily see I don't have any of those duped mats on the account but Bethesda continues to ignore me. I really didn't want to call out Bethesda publicly since I love the Fallout series and am a huge fan of the games Bethesda puts out but it's completely unacceptable that I've been prevented from playing the $60 game I purchased (and love) for 6 months due to Bethesda's mistake and subsequent inability to remedy the issue. Hopefully posting on Reddit will get the right people from Bethesda Support to look into this matter for me. Thanks in advance for your help.

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