[fanfiction] The Minutemen Provisional Republic. Part 1, History.

fallout 7 - [fanfiction] The Minutemen Provisional Republic. Part 1, History.

Protect the Republic at a minute's notice.– Motto of the MPR

Following the defeat of the Institute in 2287, the Sole Survivor and the Minutmen, now a major source of power in the Commonwealth got to work quickly rebuilding the Commonwealth Provisional Government.

The Brotherhood, still in the Commonwealth at the time, was suspicious about the General's motives and decided to pay a visit to the Castle, close by the airport where they stationed the Prydwen. When Maxson first landed, two Minutemen Guards approached them and asked him to follow them. The Paladins that had escorted Maxson to the main base of the Minutemen were uneasy, but Piper had calmed their nerves.

Very few knew what happened at the meeting, but aftewards the two faction leaders seemed to part on good terms. The relations between the Minutemen and Brotherhood were stable for a few years, but after the Republic started to grow. Things would only get worse.

The Second Battle of Quincy

In 2290, 3 years after the Destruction of the Institute, the Gunners were getting bolder and bolder with their actions throughout the Commonwealth, attacking people who accidentally came too close to their territory, Minutemen on patrol, and sometimes even settlers. So after a day of reorganizing the army of the Republic, the General, Preston Garvey, and even the former Paladain of the BOS Danse led the charge against Quincy to show the Commonwealth that the Republic was a force to be reckoned with. Leading 2000 Minutemen to the city of Quincy. On August 7th. The Second Battle of Quincy began.


The Gunners, shocked by the boldness of the new born Republic, fought back against the invaders of the territory. Moving forces across the overpass, Lieutenant Danse and the 10 Minutemen of the Minutemen Armored Company, cleared the overpass so that the newer recruits would have an easier time entering the city. Laser muskets, laser rifles, and regular ballistic weapons fired their deadly ammuntion towards the enemy as leagues of gunners fell to the wrath of those Minutemen had been present at the first battle of Quincy.

The General and Preston Garvey confronted the leaders of the Gunners at Quincy, and after demands of surrender by the General, opened fired and wounded Preston. Using a frag grenade, the General wiped the leaders off the face of the Commonwealth and after a few more days of fighting. The Second Battle of Quincy was over.

A/N: And this was part 1, this went on longer then I wanted it to, but in the next part, I'll be covering the history of the government and the Minutemen-Brotherhood War. After that I'll cover the organization and military of the government.

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