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fallout 3 - Fanfiction "Trailer" thing

This is a "trailer" for a fic i might complete, depends if you guys like it


Cottonwood Outlook, Mojave Wasteland 2281

Veronica slowly approached the top of the cliff, getting a good look at the legion outpost, it was filled with various legionaries, every single one more vicious than the other, she looked around herself, gazing at her surroundings looking for the hunched, sniper rifle carrying silhouette of the former NCR sniper.

"Craig" The scribe called, making him immediately turn towards her, aiming the rifle straight between her eyes "Goddamn it do- Oh, its you" He said, as he turned back at his scouting "You just costed me a headshot."

"Craig" She started again. but was interrupted

"No, dont try it" He said, not even turning to face her

"The team's a mess, we need you back" She said as she took a step closer to him

"You had your shot, you screwed it up." He answered coldly.

Veronica stopped for a second, she never liked Boone's attitude at the best of times, but this was serious "And what are you doing about it? Wake up, the Mojave is hanging by a thread-"

Boone suddenly got up to face her again "Yes, you're right, Cass should have gone for the head, that would have shut 'em up"

"Cra-" She tried, but was interrupted

"Stop talking Santangelo"

"You're alone, please" She swallowed "We've got a plan-"

"Gannon, Oliver, Moore, Kimball." For every name he raised a finger "How many have to die before we're drowning in the blood?"

"We've been through a lot, i can take i-"

"Goddamn it Santangelo!" Boone shouted, taking a step closer to her "You dont have a family they where all i had. But! If i-"


"No-" She knew what he was about to say, she couldnt let that happen

"If i fight for a SHOT, to get near enough, I could make him pay! You know I never miss, and guess what!" He drew his machete "Same's true for a blade!"

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"Or you could die!" She shouted back "And we need you alive!"

"It doesnt matter if i die!"

"The team needs you alive. Craig the Mojave needs you alive!" She took another step, but Boone pointed his rifle at her


Veronica stopped, her face didnt look hurt as much as she was… disappointed "Go home Craig"

The calmness of her voice actually surprised the sniper "What"

"You're a liability to the mission, if you cant help us then go back home. At least do that"

Those words hurt Boone more than he thought they would, he had failed the NCR, he had failed novac and he had failed his friends. He placed down the rifle first, then sat down

"I… I cant"


Okay, you might have some questions:

-This takes place in a timeline where the courier worked for the Legion, but didnt kill any of the companions except Arcade.

-All the companions, including Raul and Lily, are part of a sort of resistance against the legion, and Arcade used to be one of the leaders, but he was killed by the courier himself.

-House, Kimball, and Caesar are Dead.

-There was a mission before this chapter, in an attempt to kill the courier, it didnt go well, as Boone mentions, cass missed her shot, and didnt kill him, so now they're even more fucked.

If you have more questions ask in the comments

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