Fasnacht Drop rate and future events requests

fallout 6 - Fasnacht Drop rate and future events requests

Hey guys like everyone i was so excited about the first big event at fallout 76 , and is a very nice event !

But the drop rates of rare items are really ridiculous …

I know some masks were made to be "rare" but at the moment they are impossible to get , i read in a thread that was discussing the drop rate , and was about 0,03% in a perfect situation (playing 24/7 and completing a event after every 30 minutes) your chance to get the rare mask would be like 14%

More details in this thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/b3r5hr/fasnacht_mask_drop_rate_poll_results/

So i would like to ask bethesda to increase the drop rate of those rare mask to a realistic porcentage , and i need help from the community to it become possible until the event end !

My suggestion is:

  • increase the drop rate to about 1% each mask ( is pretty reasonable since the event will last like 3 and half days from now)
  • be clear about the changes , and give the feedback to the community.

I know some people gonna to say " HeY ThAtS WhY ThE mAsKs aRe RaRe"

But me and the community aren't asking for increase the drop to 90% we just want a reasonable drop like 1~5% (is a good rate since the event won't last forever and it last like 15~20 minutes each try and a lot of time to make the event trigger)


And its so important to increase the drop rates as soon as possible to more people get motivate to play the event and get hyped for the next contents !

At the moment the masks are so rare that can called as unique items; that can be traded in the black market for tons of real money since even the rarest item in he game has a chance to get dropped again since the legendaries still spawning in the game and the event will be removed soon … making impossible to get the mask in the future.

And how about the future events?

in my opinion fasnacht was a very good event and i hope bethesda keep making funny events like this one.

But i really appreciate if bethesda

  • Be clear about the drop list and the drop rate
  • Implement a "coin system" Everytime that the event was complete the player receive a coin and if he didnt get the rare drop it can change like 50 coins for One

Implement unique bosses in the events that make team work really necessary.

Ps: This is my first post ! if i broke any community rule i'am sorry

Ps²: I am not a english speaker so iam sorry for any grammar mistake … but i really think i made my ideas clear.

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