Fast Travel in 76 makes no sense… OR DOES IT?

fallout 5 - Fast Travel in 76 makes no sense... OR DOES IT?

I like 76. It's a nice game. Got some flaws, sure, but overall it's a really good game. I like the immersiveness, losing myself just strolling through post-nuclear Appalachia, enjoying the scenery… they did SUCH a good job building a world that succeeds in pulling you in at every step. BUT! There's a few things that break immersion, and one of the chief offenders is fast travel.

We don't have a car to get around like in Fallout 2. We don't have vertibirds to catch a ride on like in Fallout 4. But somehow, our characters can disappear from one end of the map and reappear at the other end of the map in seconds. I get why it's necessary (the map is HUGE and asking people to just walk everywhere is a bit hardcore), but still, every time I fast travel I sigh.

But today, I had an epiphany. I realized how fast travel can become canonical!

So, in the Fallout 3 collector's edition art book, there is a concept piece of a guy riding a giant mole rat. This got me thinking: mole rats in Fallout seem to have this uncanny ability to burrow in one place and pop up in a completely different place seconds later, sometimes even in places that HAVE no soil to burrow through like 2nd stories of certain buildings. In my head, this means that mole rats have become so irradiated that they've gain the mutant ability to do literal quantum tunneling.


(For those not super into quantum mechanics, in a nutshell quantum tunneling is a consequence of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle whereby the more accurately you know an elemental particle's momentum the less accurate your knowledge of the particle's location becomes and vice versa, and therefore on quantum scales particles can exist as wave forms across both sides of a barrier and when the wave form collapses in a certain way the particle can "tunnel" through a barrier in a way that classical mechanics does not allow.)

So, let's assume that mole rats (and radscorpions) can do actual quantum tunneling to teleport, not just super fast burrowing. I think it'd be really neat if we could tame a gigantic mole rat, ride it around as a mount, and use that rat mount as a way to quantum tunnel across the map. (In my headcanon, my character just keeps a tame mole rat in his backpack, sort of like people in real life keep rats as pets)

Skyrim had mounts, as did Oblivion, so I think Creation Engine should be able to do it. Where are our adorable, quantum tunneling mutant rat mounts, Bethesda? Think of the Atom store skins you could sell!

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