Father Meat Processing Facility – plus Dining Room!

fallout 2 - Father Meat Processing Facility - plus Dining Room!

VIDEO LINK IS HERE: https://youtu.be/lHoo1AyFZnM



What is a Father Meat Processing Facility, you ask? It’s exactly what the name implies. You make copies of Father using Institute synth technology, and immediately feed that horrible man directly into a food processor. Out comes delicious cuts of meat! Yum! Rinse and repeat and you have yourself a profitable meat enterprise. Stick around to the end to see the fancy new dining room!



For this character, I’ve bought into the idea that Sean’s real dad died in Vault 111 and that the sole survivor is actually a synth planted by Father. The sole survivor may deep down know this, but he does not accept it.

What faction should a character such as this align with? I love Fallout 4, but in the words of Butcher Bill from Gangs of New York, the factions in Fallout 4 “are neither cold nor hot, and because they are lukewarm I will spew them from my mouth.” (

) Since no factions are all that exciting, my character has decided to side squarely with the Institute and go all scorched earth on the Commonwealth. He occasionally uses those grubby Nuka World raiders as enforcers, strictly out of convenience of course.

Now, being Father’s, uh, father and doing the dirty work of the institute, all while deep down knowing that you yourself are actually a synth, is enough to give anyone some daddy issues. My character does Father’s bidding, but he also despises him for what he has done to the Commonwealth. He hates himself for continuing to be a part of Father’s schemes, but he keeps participating anyway. To help himself cope with his brutal reality, my character invented a handy dandy new therapeutic device – the Father Meat Processing Facility. Yay!



I chose Abernathy Farm for the build, because of the high build limit. The thought was that I could use fall damage to kill the Fathers without angering the settlers. More on that touchy subject later.

The Abernathy family looked on uneasily as I systematically dismantled their home, crops, and every single last one of their possessions. They milled around my newly annexed and cleansed property without a purpose for a long time while my character erected his new meat empire before their very eyes. While testing the facility, numerous synth Fathers fell to their untimely demise. (Sometimes the fall would kill them, other times they were marked essential and wouldn’t die. This was unpredictable for an unknown reason. Ultimately I abandoned this method of execution since it proved unreliable.) I paid the falling Fathers no mind, figuring the settlers wouldn’t turn on me just because some fool took fall damage and “killed himself”. Boy was I wrong. After a dozen or so Fathers fell to their doom, the Abernathy family and every synth Father finally had had enough. I thought, okay you ungrateful beggars, let’s play it your way. I thought I could just wipe them all out and then it would let me re-activate the workshop, but when I tried this, the game told me “This settlement is no longer allied to you”. With no one left to make amends with, and no settlement radio to bring in new settlers, there was no way to get the settlement and all my hard work back. No worries I thought. I’ll just revert to an old save. Turned out those were accidentally overwritten – oops! Ultimately I had to play the entire Nuka World DLC just so that I could have the option to take over the settlement by force with raiders.


After this unplanned pause on development of the Father meat facility, I was finally able to retake Abernathy Farm using the Nuka World raiders. After that, the raiders began milling around way too close to my dangerous experiments. I couldn’t afford to accidentally kill one of them and turn the entirety of Nuka World against me, costing me Abernathy Farm yet again. Also their random snide comments were starting to rub me the wrong way. I tried just relocating the raiders to different settlements, but the game didn’t give me that option. So instead I just built a pillory for each raider and each one kindly obliged and pilloried himself for the rest of eternity. Problem solved! I now have the entire settlement to myself. The raiders are pilloried far away, and they don’t mind it at all when I dispatch Fathers. They actually encourage it!



Since an unwitting synth/replicant hunting down other synths is all very Blade Runner, I named the character “Deckard” and use the M2019 PKD Detective Special (aka “That Gun”).

I tried very hard to automate the killing part. I tried killing them with fall damage, setting up a kill box filled with deathclaws, spinning saw traps, and pitching machines filled with hand grenades. These methods were a lot of fun, but I had problems with the Fathers and the deathclaws “teleporting” out of their enclosures. Also, even with the Better Settlers Mortal pack, the Father synths usually were marked essential for some reason and wouldn’t die. I’m guessing this is because the Synth Workshop mod doesn’t play totally nice with the better settlers mods. Ultimately I had fun just mowing down the Fathers the old fashioned way.



Workshop Synth Production


Better settlers


Better settlers mortal pack


Manufacturing extended


Upwards Conveyor Belt


Blade runner gun


Wattz laser gun (with Institute skin)


AER15 Modern laser assault rifle (with Institute skin)




My character has some major daddy issues. To cope, he created the Father Meat Processing Facility, where endless synth copies of Father are created for the sole purpose of being promptly converted into choice cuts of meat. Be sure to stick around to the end of the video to see the on-site dining room. Yay!


VIDEO LINK IS HERE: https://youtu.be/lHoo1AyFZnM

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