Few things we desperately need for our CAMPs and maybe a little DLC idea.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Few things we desperately need for our CAMPs and maybe a little DLC idea.

CAMP items:

  • Planters for food, but not like in Fallout 4, the ones we can see around Appalachia and has such base that they can be set to rough terrain:
    • Small wooden cube
      MmlmZxj - Few things we desperately need for our CAMPs and maybe a little DLC idea.
    • Wooden
      IWRUeQz - Few things we desperately need for our CAMPs and maybe a little DLC idea.
    • concrete planters
      Z8QRCFu - Few things we desperately need for our CAMPs and maybe a little DLC idea.
  • Greenhouse walls and roof, made out of glass
    • We have seen glass roofs and walls already so why we can't build those ourself?
    • Broken, dirty or shiny new, as long as we have can have some glass, it could be used as and elegant living room wall or moody bedroom roof to admire (gloving) night sky
  • Storage for food, at this point I don't care if it's expensive atomic shop item or not
    • It should also allow us to sell food on vendors without it spoiling in first 15min…

Alternatively, this could be extented to it's own little DLC packed similiar to brewing and alcohol DLC

Although, I don't think Bethesda would love the idea as much as us gamers because of the amount of work and time they would need to invest for this when they already have ton of new stuff coming and bugs to fix 🙁

But here's few ideas to throw at you, if nothing but some entertainment value for us vault dwellers since we can't make mods ourself like it was with Fallout 4:

New food and recipes:

  • Wastelander's coffee: Made of coffee we already have plus cream and sugar. It bothers me that we have to drink our coffee black. It could give unique bonus similiar to well rested and well tuned. Nothing beats the hot creamy cup coffee in the morning while watching sun rising behind those radioactive trees…
  • Bread: Made of razorgrain flower, oil and boiled water (and maybe some bark, yes you heard right). Like come on, it's the best thing you can learn on scout, how to bake your own bread in wild. Not to mention those recipes that includes pine bark. I don't know what it's called in English but in Finland we call it Pettuleipä and we made those during war time.
  • Salad: Made of various vegetables we have. It's odd that we have vegetable menu but not salad, especially with herbavore mutation it would be more than nice. And who says salad can't have some meat; A Deathclaw salad, Scorchbeast salad… Endless possibilities…
  • A way to make a few pre determined meal by adding food items together: A deathclaw steak, some InstaMash, few tatos, and Ash rose tea plus some pumpkin pie for dessert. It could give 90% food, 50% water and unique bonus. A true wastelanders dream! On cooking station we'd have option that simply says "prepared dinner/lucnh/meal" and when clicking that we could pick any meat we have prepared, then would open option to select any addition, like instamash, then some vegetables, a drink and dessert. Or if that is too hard to make, a few pre selected dinners, and instead of raw ingredients we'd have list of cooked food like "deathclaw steak, boiled water… ect."
  • Popcorn. We have corn, we have campfire and we have oil. I don't see why not…
  • Something to bake in new stone oven, like pizza, buns, bread… or even just our chef's hats and some rubber because we are hungry
  • Fish. We have seen fish in Appalachian rivers so why can't we catch and eat those? I love fish
  • Potatoes. Like that's all we eat here in Finland. And when we don't eat potatoes, we drink those… Why Fallout world don't have those iconic root vegetables on their menu?


New quests related to new CAMP items and recipes

similiar to Biv E. Rage's brewing quests. While I know it would look a lot like cheap copy paste idea, at least we could have more stuff to do and it would balance that heavily alcohol themed DLC… Like come on, are we supposed to become alcoholists? XD

  • A new character that would be chef, like Antoine on Whitespring, a droid obsessed with cooking. We all know and love Takahashi from Fallout 4, it's time to have similiar chef on Appalachia. (Female this time, I'm tired of all top chefs being men…)
  • A quest to visit a greenhouse and getting plans to build your own. Maybe even new location entirely. A holotape which contains someone's thoughts of building their own greenhouse and we could follow his trails and find out the plans from his home. A glass walls and roofs. What a welcome addition to CAMP buliding!
  • A quest where we can hunt a secret recipe piece by piece, similiar to those mysteries we have got to solve with Sheepsquatch. We could be introduced to a new location, an old family restaurant that had the best food in whole Appalachia and we would find out they had this secret recipe and naturally we must find it! After so doing we would break into their safe to find out raiders have taken it, and when we dwell deeper into it, we'd realize those damn raiders have ripped the recipe in pieces, each raider faction having one part and our job is to find those all.
  • Daily cooking themed quests like Biv E. has that can reward with new recipes. We could get a task to gather some ingredients to make some lesser made foods, those that has hard to get ingredients and those would be marked to map like we have on that quest to gather insect parts.


  • New radio station… cooking show!!! A chef could have slow phased cooking show in wasteland style. Explaining some recipes we have, telling funny entertaining stories how those recipes came to exist and stories behind ingredients.
    • The chef, as it's clumsy robot, would be tragicomic when it comes to cooking; "And next we take some syrup" a glass shatters "…did I say syrup because I meant sugar of course…"
  • Ability to have grill party because gathering together for dinner in post apocalyptic world is what keeps survivalist families together. A table that would show food we put into it and other players could get a piece like we have that punch bowl…
  • Cooking could be divided into it's own stations. Like we could have oven among others and like in Skyrim heartfire DLC we have unique recipes that we can cook only with that oven, in same style it could be part of fallout world's cooking system. I mean, how do you even make pumpkin pie in a cooking pot suspended over a campfire?? We can craft alcoholic drinks on brewing station, we could craft drinks only on that cooking pot and stove but not on that rotisserie pit. We could make pies and other stuff that needs oven only in stove and so on…
  • A chef's clothes! We have the hat, where's the tunic? It could be behind a quest and it would give unique bonus, for example small change to get twice the results while cooking with it on.

OK, now my coffee is cold and that Take me home country roads is getting annoying after being played 30 times over and over again. Wait haha no, I still love it!

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