Figured out how to Grahm works (and how to meet him)

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Figured out how to Grahm works (and how to meet him)

After few days of searching for Grahm, the supermutant vendor, i've managed to meet him and then followed him across the map.

So, thats a facts:

  1. Grahm not going on some global route across the map. He spawns in point A, then goes through checkpoints to point B and then despawns (confirmed not confirmed. I personally seen moments when he spawns on point A, and when he despawns on point B, but other people said then they followed him really long way and he was ok, so maybe there is more then one of Grahm's route types – temporary short routes and long stable routes, but i cant confirm it).
  2. Looks like he visits workbenches on his route, no matter claimed that workbenches or not (not confirmed but looks like)
  3. Looks like he has chance to spawn after (in 5-30 minutes) some of workbenches in area has been claimed (personally i managed to summon him 2 times after claiming Charleston Landfill, but 5 times he didnt spawns. All on different servers). Maybe time interval is different or complitely random, but it looks like working schema. Maybe he could be spawned once per day by the same person – idk, technically i spawned him once yesterday (server time) and once today (server time).

So, there's the Grahm's path in Ash Heap:


He spawns on the road near AVR Medical Center, then visits charleston landfill workbench (coming directly to table itself, so it have sense to claim the workbench and go afk near him – Grahm will arrive is some time. if not – just change server and try again), then go back through the medical center area, then by the road to Risky Peak, shortly after it he leaves the road and goes to Mount Blair through mountains and visits Abandoned Mine Site Kittery on the way. After he reaches Mount Blair, he despawns in a maybe minute.

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Confirmed locations, where Graham was seen by me and other people:

  1. Charleston Landfill (and all route from my picture)
  2. Road near Winterspring area. It looks like theres no difference nuked it or not – if Grahm was spawned – he goes on his route anyway.
  3. Big Bend Tunnel (both entrances and inside)
  4. Path from Flatwoods to Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm, both of this locations (i personally seen him there)
  5. Road from Winterspring to Site Charlie
  6. Berkeley Springs workbench. Looks like he have some chances to stuck there in stairs near workbench.
  7. Path from Big Bent Tunnel East to Watoga and then up north.
  8. Different workbenches all around the map

There is a picture of route, where i followed him, from spawn to despawn (sorry for quality):


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