And I like it! It fits my raider trading camp aesthetic. I kind of wish the tree itself wasn't so white.

Was it worth all the grinding? UUHHHHHHHHHH

Don't ask that question. Ever.

Edit: So many angry peeps think I cheated because they're suffering from "I cAn'T dO ThIs sO iT MuSt bE ImPosSiBlE fOr AnYoNe" so I guess I'll educate you all on maximizing your exp gains?

Just a heads up, I am one of those rare assholes who actually likes grinding. I watch streams/movies/binge shows while grinding, it helps me relax. I understand I am in the 2% of the player base who feel this way. Not everyone has the time/patience to do this. That being said:

There are countless resources on Youtube or just online guides outlining the fastest and best ways to gain exp. And they all basically say the same exact info, so google it! But also here are some starting tips:

Always ALWAYS join a team. Why? Lots of mutations and perks give extra exp through teams! Doesn't matter what team you're on, although Builder teams are preferable due to the general intelligence increase. But I find majority of people don't join Builder teams so in a pinch I'll just join whatever team has the highest level players. Why? We need players with matching mutations to gain bonuses to them and higher level players are more likely to have them!

Intelligence increases exp gain. It just does. Accept it. A full Unyielding set is one of the quickest ways to gain a lot of intelligence. It just is. Accept it. Egghead mutation increases intelligence further, as does Herd Mentality while you're in a group. Get either Carnivore or Herbivore, depending on your preference. Herbivore is slightly easier to use due to the availability of ingredients to craft the exp boost foods, but I prefer Carnivore because I like the convenience of ripping meat straight off of dogs and stuffing it into my mouth.

Have a maxed out Inspiration perk for +15% exp in a group. Have the perk Strange in Numbers to increase your mutations when in a party with players with similar mutations. VERY IMPORTANT


Sleep in your bed for a +5% exp gain. If you're a carnivore craft Tasty Squirrel Stew for a +20% exp gain, BUT IT INCREASES TO +25% WITH STRANGE IN NUMBERS AND SOMEONE WITH THE SAME MUTATION! If you're a herbivore craft Cranberry Relish for a +20% exp gain, BUT IT INCREASES TO +25% WITH STRANGE IN NUMBERS AND SOMEONE WITH THE SAME MUTATION!

You can also use your score lunchboxes for a big exp boost but I just saved all of mine. Although I got a few random boosts from my teammates so that was cool. Yes, the buff gets shared with your teammates in your immediate area.

The most important part: YOUR GRINDING LOOP! There are lots of guides online to point you to the most lucrative spots, but I must stress that for your sanity it is important to choose and personalize your own loop to fit yourself. Find the best spots with the heaviest spawns of mobs, run them a few times yourself to get the general lay of the area and the spawn locations. Take into account the amount of running between each mob and gauge your survivability verses your speed. You want to be able to mindlessly grind through these locations with minimal to no death but also at an efficient speed. This will most likely require a little homework and trial and error.

Once you've optimized your route, make sure you can repeat it ad infinitum without vomiting blood. I have a few locations in my loop that I just enjoy running through aesthetically and it makes me smile. A happy player means grinding depletes your soul battery slower. I'd rather be happier while grinding than be slightly more efficient and hating life.

As an example, I can complete my loop in about 6-8 minutes and then I server hop and do it again. Yes, I am that asshole that joins your group for 5 min and then leaves. Also, as just generally good etiquette, if someone else is in one of my spots first, I skip it and move on to the next one. No need to be a greedy jerk and race other people for mobs. It's always faster to just move on and server hop.

There are more tips and tricks and what not, but you can find them all by googling. Happy hunting! Get your trees, y'all!

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