Finished fallout new california

fallout 6 - Finished fallout new california

Not gonna spoil anything but i finished the mod recently and my opinion of the rest of the game isnt as positive as the prologue when i was 4 hours in.

The main issues with the mod are

1.Lack of exploration

2.Extremely unfair wave based combat that spams you with 100s of enemies and constant artillery.

3.Constant crashing and performance issues

4.Problems with pacing

I think the factions branching paths are still extremely impressive , read some accounts here of people experiencing totally different quests and companions than i did on my raider play trough.


And the hackneyed combat even tho it was extremely spammy and exaggerated, to be completely honest it was quite rewarding to hack thru the endless waves of enemies and after multiple times enduring the punishment and coming out victorious felt like a million bucks.

I liked this experience more than i enjoyed some official bethesda dlcs (ie operation anchorage) . But the mod still needs a lot of polish to iron out the performance issues and crashing.

Either way I had a very good time with this mod and it brought memories of new vegas and older fallouts , i commend the modders for their work and i enjoyed my ride.

Now to wait for fallout frontier and fallout miami to be released.


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