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fallout 2 - First time on public servers

I have only been playing for about two months. I have always played on private servers. I have read a lot of horror stories here on Redditt, but also a lot of good posts about the community being a good one in general, with a few bad apples out there. I am in the low 80s for level, but I have been going "back and forth" between the main story and just wandering, exploring, gathering, and crafting, so I have not yet done the full story (I took a break from the story line for a while, after doing all of the "Rose" quests). Sunday, I decided to give public servers a try. I saw a red circle in the lower right corner of my map, where I have never even explored yet, but I figured I would run down and see if I could collect some nuked flora for the first time, which I did. I ended up discovering the prime fissure, and I ended up fighting against a legendary scorch beast and a regular one at the same time. While I was firing away, I suddenly heard other gun fire and saw that another player had run up to help me kill the scorch beasts. When we were done, he stood back, gave me a thumbs up, then went on his way. I HOPE he saw me give a thumbs up back, because I was just standing there for a while, when I was trying to remember where I had seen the emoticons for a while, before finally finding them and giving a thumbs up back. I ran past a few players on Sunday, but no one bothered me and I was able to just play and have fun.


Before going public, I set up my CAMP with an open floor ground level plan, with chemistry, tinker, armor, and weapon workbenches, a power armor station, a metal bed, a tuba, a small accessible water purifier, a water pump, a cooking station, a stash box, a scrap box, and a couple of vending machines. A few people bought some items from my vending machines (nothing special, just some decent weapons I won't be using, bobbleheads, ammo, etc.). Overall, it was a good experience on Sunday, so I popped on again Monday, after work. It was the same thing, where I was able to run around playing without anyone interfering with my game, some people bought from my vending machine, etc. I popped on again yesterday after work, and a level 19 player messaged me and asked for help with leveling, to which I agreed, but I let him know I only had an hour before I had to go to bed, to get sleep before work in the morning. He came to my CAMP, and I made him a level 20 The Fixer, to have ready for when he leveled, 500 rounds of ammo for it, plus I had just made a couple of Cranberry Relishes, so I gave him one to eat. We killed a level 91 Deathclaw, a legendary Scorchbeast, the Mirelurk Queen, a Grafton Monster in Charleston, and bunch of other little things (Scorched, Ghouls, Glowing Hounds, etc.). At one point, we went to my CAMP to grab a couple of things. I saw that someone had bought a few things from my vending machines while I was adventuring, and I found a bowling ball bag in my CAMP, with a couple of decent plans in it. I am "guessing" someone was happy with what they bought in my vending machine and left a little "thank you" for me. I already knew those plans, so I let the player who was now level 20 take them. I definitely appreciated the kind gesture of leaving me some plans, though.

I have only been on the public servers for the past three days, but so far I have had nothing but positive experiences with the Fallout 76 community. It is nothing like the "gankfest" sort of game I had originally expected, which is what kept me from buying the game until I happened to hear that they now have private servers. I will probably be spending some more time on the public servers now. I know I will eventually run into someone who wants to be a jerk, like in any game, but I do now believe what I have been reading in these Reddit threads about the Fallout 76 community being a much better and much nicer community than what is found in a lot of MMOs. Thank you to the community, for giving me such positive experiences during my first few times on the public servers. 🙂

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