Five vault dwellers seek input from more experienced wastelanders

fallout 5 - Five vault dwellers seek input from more experienced wastelanders

We're a team of older gents who've enjoyed Fallout since the turn-based days. Recently, one of our number bought us all Fallout 76 and we started playing together… kinda. The team limit of 4 is a bit of a problem. We end up splitting into 2 teams and trying our best to coordinate using Discord. Steep learning curve when it comes to events, pacifist mode, lootable corpses, etc. We're talking about avoiding the questlines altogether so we don't end up doing each mission 5 times. I'm starting to get frustrated because we play together on Wednesdays in a 3 hour block and most of that is spent talking about what we're learning and trying to decide on our next goal, which so far has mostly been "let's go here and beat things up."

This is a general request to find out if there's anyone else in a similar circumstance who has worked out the kinks. How are you doing it? Are there certain events you gravitate toward? My initial thought is to send out a battle plan prior to the weekly meeting but I need a better grasp of what there is for a team of 5 to do.

Here's the solution I came up with. Sent this email at lunch after reading some of the input. 4 of the 5 are ex-military and we love in-character stuff. Well received thus far.

OPORD 001: Operation Clean Eating

To: Squad 76 // Designate: No Codename Chosen
From: Responder Robobrain // Designate: Commander Pickle Jar

Primary Objective: Ration Resupply
Secondary Objective: Secure Flatwoods
Secondary Objective: Power Restoration
Potential Objective: Investigate Landview Lighthouse


The town of Flatwoods has been reclaimed by a small group of settlers. They are currently threatened by a force of rogue agricultural robots. These robots need to be neutralized and can provide various types of scrap. The robots are currently located at the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center west of Flatwoods. Further west is the Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm. This farm is capable of producing zero rad packaged food if power is restored. Power to the farm can be provided by Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06. There is a large population of scorched currently inhabiting the plant. The plant requires numerous repairs, but appears to be restorable. There is a small chance conditions may arise that require the team to investigate Landview Lighthouse.

=Mission Narrative=
Phase I: After a short period of preparation, deploy to Flatwoods. Assault and pacify threats at the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center. Comply with mission updates as they occur.

Phase II: Once all threats have been eliminated, move west to Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm. Eliminate all resistance, construct defenses, and establish resource extractors. Crafting benches should be constructed in preparation of Phase III.

Phase III: Move to Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06. Eliminate scorched in the area and reestablish operating status. WARNING: Scorched presence is significant and should be considered High Threat.

Phase IV: Return to Sunshine Meadow Industrial Farm, engage food production, rest and resupply.

Phase Wildcard: Mission control will monitor the situation at Landview Lighthouse. If, at any point, the Lighthouse conditions require investigating, the team will be rerouted to deal with the situation. All members should quickly travel back to the nearest C.A.M.P. and proceed to the Lighthouse from there. There is little information concerning the Lighthouse scenario so mission objectives should be followed upon arrival.

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