Flash sale’s are nice but there’s a severe lack of choice and quality in the Atom Shop.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Flash sale's are nice but there's a severe lack of choice and quality in the Atom Shop.

I don't wanna be a bad guy but the Atomic Shop is lacking.

I've personally done my own texture work, modeling work and it does not take that long to create 50% of the items in the Atomic Shop. Half of them are just re-skin's. I know you guys have some amazing stuff coming (in the data-mined threads) but you guys need to drop some major content in the atom shop to make me purchase any more atoms (i purchased atoms for the silver shroud and manta man costume for example).

1 Modder can do all of your Atomic Shop content in their sleep with their hands behind their backs. Not be harsh or anything but its seriously lacking. This is 2019! Hire some of these guys or something because some of the Mods you see for your older titles produce some seriously impressive work.

Its not that Flash sale's are bad either, its a step in the right direction but your still asking for to much.

  • 250 Atom's for a Vault 76 cap? I hardly even want to pay 100 Atom's for something so plain.
  • 350 for a table? Thats 5$ Canadian for a digital piece. A small little table. This is highway robbery.
  • Power Armor paint needs to be in the 600-900 range in my opinion.

Where are the Emote's?

I find emotes to be something very simple and add's a lot of good communication to your game. Why are these things so expensive? I literally don't understand.

They should be 50-100 Atom's at most. This is where your game gets its charm is with the little emote's.

You need to start releasing C.A.M.P items like its going out of fashion.

  • New building variants ASAP.
  • No more new beds or stash boxes please.
  • We need big pieces, like underground bunkers that attach to a foundation that give you an empty space to build in.
  • Weapon racks, power armor racks, armor racks, junk displays, fridges that work and so on. QoL items.
  • Vault Doors.
  • NEW Crafting Stations. This is huge.


  • Where is the Ultracite Power Armor Skins? Is Ultracite PA doomed to be blue forever?
  • Excavator skins? Everyones a bumblebee i guess.
  • Armor skins. Where are they? Why is Metal Armor, Combat Armor and Leather the only options? Where is the Marine, Trapper, Raider skins? Re-skins are pretty easy. Why isn't the market flooded with them yet?
  • Where are the remodels of skins? The ones that actually look different and not just a re-skin. (Edit: I saw the new data-mined Power Armor re-models and they are beautiful. Thats what im talking about).
  • Where are the weapon skins? There's literally 4 after this many months?
  • 6 variants of pip-boy's. I mean its cool but 5$ for that?…. are you serious Bethesda. Can be get some cooler pip-boys. Something that looks like it took more then 5 minutes to do. Like an overgrown pip-boy or a worn/damaged pip-boy. A bloodied pip-boy. Like something other then just a different color tone. Like honestly why cant we have 8 color tones for free and change it at a work bench. I feel like this isn't even something that should be sold in the atom shop.

Apparel: I feel apparel is doing okay so far but it's still lacking some.

  • No real over-grown costumes that are like the Longshoreman costume. Something that feels like your a wastelander whos been living on the land.
  • No raider-esk costumes.
  • No trapper-esk costumes.
  • No super mutant bucket head inspired costumes.
  • I don't really know what else to say but there's just not much to choose from.
  • Nothing really catches my eye. Most of the in-game costume's seem to have more quality.
  • You guys made 3 nice color'd suits but i dont see anyone wearing them. Its just honestly way to expensive for something so… "meh" *shrugs shoulders*. Do you know what i mean?

I want to give you guys some advice. The lower your prices the more people will buy. Nobody wants to support a company's micro-transactions when you gotta spend upwards to 20$ for a simple skin variant in a 60$ game. That is insane. It's true you have free daily/weekly atom points to earn but that doesn't mean you should hike up the prices of everything to compensate. It just makes you look greedy as a company. Once you start to act like a company who cares about the player base and truly start to make things fair… people will buy out of respect for the game.

Sorry for the little rant but someone has to say it. The Atomic-shop needs some major work if you want this game to last. Its 50% of whats going to keep people playing. Its gotta be loaded, not this little by little weekly update here and there routine. I'm not falling for that whole "WOW look at the new 2 items in the atomic shop" when you see Modders cranking out the most high quality textures and wow-factor models day after day.

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