Flux farming for Vault Dwellers

fallout 8 - Flux farming for Vault Dwellers

Tips from a veteran flux farmer:

  1. Morgantown will provide more stabilizing agents (High Radiation Fluids, Glowing Mass, Hardened Mass) than almost anywhere else on the map. Also a good source of cobalt flux (make sure to get both the airport and the train yard)

  1. Familiarize yourself with what plants & fungi you are looking for:

( Crimson )

( Violet )

( Fluorescent )

( Cobalt )

( Yellowcake )

  1. Look on Mappalachia and find the best concentration of the flux you want (most of the best locations have very sparse creature spawns) Remember, that no part of your nuke zone can be within the green zone on ( this map )

( Crimson ): I usually drop the nuke in between Firebase Hancock & Sparse Sundew Grove (southern edge of the map)

( Violet ): I usually drop the nuke so that the left edge just misses the Hemlock Holes Maintenance workshop.

( Fluorescent ): I don't use much of this, but it looks like the best area would be either between Eastern Regional Penitentiary, Morgantown Airport, and Grafton Dam (triangular area) or between Morgantown Station, Gorge Junkyard, and Wilson Brothers Auto Repair.


( Cobalt ): I get more than I need from nuking Morgantown regularly, but it looks like the best location is just south of Foundation, centered on Spruce Knob Lake, or midway between Lake Eloise and Relay Tower EL-B1-02.

( Yellowcake ): Wow, this stuff is Super common. There is a huge area that is very dense with it, from (approximately) Big Bend West to R&G Station & the southern edge of the map to Hwy 62 (northern edge)

  1. The actual farming. Remember that flux spoils (becomes inert). Farm your stabilizing agents first (they don't spoil).

4a. Nuke Morgantown. You probably want to do this in a group, unless you can one shot 6-10 Bloated Glowing Ones in rapid succession at a time. Teammates get loot from each others kills if they are in close proximity to each other when they happen, so loot will be plentiful.

4b. Remember that you need one of each stabilizing agent per 10 raw flux to make one stable flux. I try to get 20-50 of each before moving to flux farming.

4c. Don't forget to gather the Cobalt Flux in Morgantown. You can get close to 200 with the right perks.

4d. Nuke your desired flux location & harvest your flux.

4e. Perks. Don't forget that Green Thumb works on flux. Flux spoils like food (Good With Salt helps with this) It can take upwards of 45 minutes to completely scour a nuke zone for flux. Use Green Thumb and Good with Salt to maximize your take away.

  1. Processing. The only Perk that I've found to have Any effect on the making of Stable Flux is Super Duper. I highly recommend that you use it, in all of your crafting.

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