FO4: Huge Finding On Ballistic Weave. It’s Misunderstood Everywhere, Even The Wiki’s.

fallout 5 - FO4: Huge Finding On Ballistic Weave. It's Misunderstood Everywhere, Even The Wiki's.

Dk0v89L - FO4: Huge Finding On Ballistic Weave. It's Misunderstood Everywhere, Even The Wiki's.

Here is an Imgur Gallery right away for proof and example;

If you notice in the pictures, you have areas you can be hit.

This is how FO has operated since the 1/2. This is how your limbs are damaged, etc.

Now, the wiki states;

the perk allow applying stronger versions of the mod, up to 110 Damage Resistance and 110 Energy Resistance on a single article of clothing.

This is misleading.

The sum total is divided by the number of slots it affects.

As we see in the pictures, everyone's favorite under-armor, the military fatigues: I have a total 45 ballistic armor. 45 / 5 = 9 as you see on my protected areas, each has 9 armor.

Now, here's the really cool part;

The less armor options a piece gets, the stronger it's distribution at what looks to be essentially a doubled value (18 opposed to 9 in the example pictures).

To be very clear: If a piece cannot have an armor on a slot, the weave distributed value is doubled.

If you look at the Greaser Jacket next, we see that because it takes up the arm slots, they get 18 armor per, and only 9 on the areas the game lets us wear armor with the outfit (the number under the pipboy is your torso).

This radically changes the perception of ballistic weave, and the power of fully unarmored outfits.

The next two pics, are examples of;

Every protected area gets the doubled value.

You can further prove this, by putting on a hat, only your head will get it's listed value.


This value, for the stage this character is at (25 lvl), is equally powerful to the wearing the Military garb, with all legendary armor pieces I have accumulated so far on this character. The values are a little higher per area, but not very much (some lower even), and this is only weave 2. If I had weave 4, 110 / 5 = 27.5 armor per protected area, it would easily exceed all the armor available to me in the game for a long time, if not permanently, unless power armor.

The only thing I would miss out on are the extra affixes per piece.

The bottom numbers we see, are not per slot, they are a sum total.

If you add up your resistances limb per limb, they will equal your value at the bottom, with the exception of ballistic weave on garments that have protected areas not allowing armor (*2).

To finalize, this makes every wearable item on the list here:
https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Ballistic_weave That does not allow armor slots, a very wearable item, thus increasing the attire options by a large sum.

This also means ballistic weave as a thing, is much, much more balanced than anyone has ever realized.

You aren't getting 110 armor per piece, or having 110 armor per slot either. It's actually quite balanced.

Your vault suit you start with etc. all follow these rules. The vault suits distribute the values also with their workings.

*This probably makes the Mechanists Outfit the strongest item in the game, sans power armor.

**This also shows how strong power armor itself actually is. Even lowly t-45b is truly 100 armor per slot.


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