[FO4] Legendary Crafting Framework

fallout 8 - [FO4] Legendary Crafting Framework

I used several different legendary mods in the past but I always felt they are lacking features I'd love to have, had bugs that never got patched or were generally inadequate in one way or another. So I decided to create an extensive overhaul of the legendary system myself. Legendary mods are only a portion of this mod. It sports a variety of additional features. You can use it as is or as an easily expandable framework for your own additions/ideas.


  • Doesn't require any other mod or DLC. I don't like mods which force users in using specific other mods (like AWKCR) if it isn't absolutely necessary. You can use them simultaneously if you wish, though. I've included patches for some of them (where necessary). Check the Compatibility section below for further information.
  • Everything included will work with any kind of item whether it's vanilla or added by a mod. The only thing required is a legendary mod slot which almost all items these days should have by default.
  • Craft, disassemble and swap all the legendary mods the game has to offer, including DLC and some custom ones I created (nothing over the top, all in line with what the vanilla game has to offer).
  • Add an optional second legendary mod slot to your armour and weapons. Unlock the true power of MAGIC! They come with a requirement, though.
  • Make your items unscrappable and/or add a star symbol to them even if they don't have an actual legendary mod attached. No more accidentally scrapped valuable items.
  • Add ammo conversion to your gun. Pretty much every single ammo type in the base game and the DLCs are included. If you want to have some fun you could fire nukes or harpoons from a pistol. However, I wouldn't recommend it for obvious reasons. In the end, you have the freedom to do it if you feel like it.
  • Switch between semi-auto and automatic (including laser muskets) firing mode. Can be used on bolt-action guns. But use with caution. Depending on the weapon you're modifying it can result in unwanted behaviour.
  • Melee weapons and armour pieces also got an addition in the form of an "Enhancement" mod slot. In there you'll find some modifications which could be useful in certain situations. Adding new mods is fairly simple and straightforward in case you want more variety.
  • Additional damage and armour modifiers to fine-tune your equipment's stats, especially useful when doing an ammo conversion and want your gun to change its damage value.
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