Fo4 MacCready was kinda disappointing

fallout 2 - Fo4 MacCready was kinda disappointing

So I've done a few companions so far.

Piper was fine. Her motivations were very black and white. She's a nosey af reporter that is perceptive enough to gauge the importance if the Sole Survivor and their connections to the Institute, her white whale. Her dialogue getting closer to the SS was also alright. She's greatful that someone is content to keep her around, even if she is a pain sometimes.

Valentine makes perfect sense. He's a detective and he helps you in the main plot. Returning the favor by hunting down Winters and doing some casework all works great. He wants to stick around because he considers you a friend, and he's just beginning his new life post Winters.

Deacon is great as well. He's a mentor type, teaching you to be a cynical and suspicious SOB. Hell, even his "true" revelation of his past is left in debate. It's great. He's everyone and no one. He's well informed and connected and your in with the Railroad. Not to mention the fact he's been watching your every step from afar, planning to have you become the Railroad's secret weapon, which works perfectly with also joining the BoS.

Danse. Ah yes. The born soldier. Dude is actually really well written and acted. He's a stoic and commanding individual that puts duty above all else. He's your in with the Brotherhood and Maxson's way to keep eyes on you. It all makes sense.

Now onto MacCready… His story, I'm sorry to say, was an absolute let down. I expected the Gunners to hunt me and MacCready down relentlessly after killing Barnes and Winlock. Sadly not. Out of no where he's asking for help with getting the cure for his sons bizarre disease.

Here's where it went downhill fast for me. Just what the actual fuck is he talking about? Blue boils lol? Then it hit me. He's a merc. He's lying. He's using me to get a job done for another client. That's genius writing and totally what a merc would do!


Wait… He's not? The blue boils thing, something unheard of in any in any other Fallout game and never mentioned again, is legit? Right… And he's not going to deliver it himself and then bring Duncan to the Commonwealth? Right… He's going to keep working with you because he's indebted to you. Fine, but go and help your kid first, you fucking mongloid.

All of his "getting closer" dialogue was also pretty weak. He's happy he has someone watching his back whilst he watches yours. Makes sense until I realised the Gunners weren't ever going to retaliate, making his eagerness to stick with someone redundant.

He's a merc. Mercs tend to play it solo and not get attached. He's also lamenting killing people. He's a merc. Make up your damn mind.

Which leads me to another point. Why is he going on and on about caps and how important they are. Caps don't help his son. Only the cure can do that. He can't BUY it. He needs someone badass to smash Med-Tek for him. He doesn't PAY you to do it. It doesn't make sense.

When it turned out MacCready wasn't playing you all along to sell the Prevent to someone for a heap of caps, I was so disappointed. Especially since he doesn't even go back to the Capitol Wasteland to give him the bloody thing.

Hell, if he had just simply said that he can't leave the Commonwealth because he has a bounty in the Capitol Wastes that would've made a little sense. Or that he feels so indebted to you, he doesn't want to leave your side and he'll rely on Daisy to bring Duncan nack to the Commonwealth.

There's so much that just doesn't make any logical sense.

Am I alone with this? Please share your thoughts.

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