FO4 Male companion mods?

fallout 1 - FO4 Male companion mods?

So, I know that most people playing the game are probably male, though less so than previous installments. I know that a significantly higher percentage of MODDERS are male. I know that most of those people want to have sexy/cute/pretty/relateable/controllable women in their game. That's fine.

But must every companion mod be female? The nexus is filled with waifus and very few interesting characters. Ellen the Cartographer is fine, preachiness aside. Heather Casdin is great all around. But I can't help but feel like their stellar examples get drowned out by the cavalcade of mediocrity surrounding them. Attempts at making unique characters all wind up accidentally creating the exact same three types of person with different external traits: tryhard "badass" with a big gun, "girl next door" type with emotional vulnerability and a very pronounced and obvious quirk, and "sexy sassy slooty outfit" girl who often isn't even voiced.


But do you know who I like? Buttons. Buttons is fu*king great. He's an annoying little coward, and I adore him for it. He's unique, but not trying too hard. He fits into the world. He doesn't look ridiculous, except in the vanilla sort of way with his big ass nose. We need more mods like Buttons.

I'd love to see more companion mods featuring male characters. Especially interesting ones. I'm not completely against the vanilla guys, but between their random likes and dislikes, and their crazy faction fixations (much more pronounced than in the generally more accepting female companions), I just kind of don't like them.

Does anyone know of any other good male companion mods out there?


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