[FO4] Starting to think that Survival really is the best way to explore the game.

fallout 5 - [FO4] Starting to think that Survival really is the best way to explore the game.

I've just started up my second survival playthrough of FO4 after I ran into an unrecoverable mod bug on my last run. Did a clean install of FO4 and took the time to remove several mods that I wanted gone but Vortex wasn't removing (I think that was because I imported them from NMM originally). I love the beauty of this game but after several hours into this run I am realizing that you miss a lot of the world on a non-survival playthrough.

On survival I am constantly scrounging for food, harvesting plants, making sure I know where to find beds and places to hole up for the night. I'm paying even more attention to every little nuance of the terrain and taking routes I don't normally use. For instance, I wanted to make sure I picked up the copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide that increases the amount of meat your harvest but I wanted to avoid as much enemy contact as possible on the way there.So I skirted around the northeast corner of the map from Vault 111 and crept up on Sunshine Tidings from the rear where I found a raider tent I've never seen before. Not much there beyond a corpse and a few radroaches that crawl out when you get close but I surmised he was probably a scout checking out the Co-Op for a future raid.


And I find stuff like that all over the place, just off the beaten routes. In non-survival difficulties I tend to head straight from A to B if I have a specific destination in mind. I also explore most buildings. But there is a wealth of stuff out in the country side that is never seen when you don't wander off the beaten path.

Also, I have found a new appreciation for Mirelurk nests thanks to survival mode. So far Mirelurk Omelettes are one of the most efficient ways I have found to keep myself fed.


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