[FO4] The Legion Would Have Made a Great Nuka-World Raider Faction

fallout 6 - [FO4] The Legion Would Have Made a Great Nuka-World Raider Faction

While it was never likely, this would have been a cool twist. I never liked the Pack so it would have been cool if the Legion remnants were the third gang in Nuka-World. The Legion could be led by a named legion member from Vegas, such as Vulpes Inculta. Perhaps Caesar Inculta? Members would consist of new recruits from the journey east, and veterans following the defeat at Hoover Dam. The sitting Caesar has potential for complex writing as well, as they have seen the legion rise, and be defeated, yet still persevere. I think this would have been a cool idea to work with.


Whether the courier sides with House, Yes Man, or the NCR is up to Bethesda, but NCR makes most sense to me. During the battle, the courier would convince Lanius to leave, as they legion would be spread too thin, as can happen in-game. Caesar (Sallows) would die from his tumor soon after, leaving Lanius as the leader. I would suggest they head east, and eventually team up with the other raiders and Gage to take over Nuka-World. I would suggest however, instead of Overboss Coulter, Overboss Lanius would be the leader. The Overboss power armor could be a modified version of his legate armor. This would take some re-writing of the conflict a little bit, and Gages character too, but I still think it would be a great improvement, without changing the overall gameplay.

I think this would have been a cool way to link New Vegas and 4, and help to clarify the canon ending of Vegas, and just make a lot of people happy.

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