FO76: an important discussion – What are you *actually* hoping for out of private servers?

fallout 4 - FO76: an important discussion - What are you *actually* hoping for out of private servers?

(I posted the same thread in fo76 and immediately got downvoted, but I feel that this is one of the more pivotal discussions that should be taking place because so many players keep talking about eventual "private servers" with absolutely no idea of what they will actually deliver to players of the game. This is the kind of discussion that should be remembered by supporters/critics of FO76. "Private servers" is a concept I've seen many FO76 players mention, with some going so far as saying Bethesda promised it at a later date, and I suggest to the fallout community that this is a discussion well worth taking the time to provide input towards and most importantly a topic we should all remember. I really don't care about karma besides feeling this is a topic that should be discussed without pushback from those who do not want any form of further expectation or criticism to befall Bethesda.)

I made a previous topic on this topic that gained little traction, so I'll try once more because I feel its an important topic to bring to the picnic. I feel it an important topic to discuss because I've seen such varying expectations of what private servers might bring to the game with very little discussion around the topic itself and whether people have a realistic expectation of what private servers might actually mean.


What exactly are you hoping for when/if private servers come?

  • servers that do or do not carry across your profile from the game's official servers?
  • full custom mod access?
  • the ability to whitelist/keep a server private for your friend list?
  • the ability to launch/create custom/on-demand quests?
  • full unrestricted access to server files so you can run a semi-official server of mod an entirely unofficial server?

Without running air up my own ass, the importance of this thread is to actually put into writing what the community (or at least some part of the community) really wants/desires out of the "private servers" concept.

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