FO76 free to play? Are you dense?

fallout 2 - FO76 free to play? Are you dense?

How the absolute fu*k do you guys upvote a thread to over 2k upvotes (and it WILL keep climbing) while supporting the notion that FO76 is likely to go f2p and they'll start selling card perks and junk bundles when this is pure bullshit? OP said he heard talk from different gaming journalists that FO76 might go F2P and then started trashing Bethesda as this would be yet another kick to the loyal userbase's balls.

A simple google search shows that the only "FO76 -> F2P" rumours are threads made on this specific fu*king subreddit from salty ass EpIc GaMeRs.

The game has issues, and this sub has been taken over by the hate brigade from r/fallout, but holy shit you guys need to stop making up shit just to fill your daily hate quota.


Edit: Here's a response from /u/Bethesdurr, the OP from the other thread, where he states the thread was an experiment more than anything else and that it truly showed how much of a echo chamber this subreddit is. Congratulations. He just showed 5,3k+ people how easily fooled they are. His thread in addition to the sNeAk/mElLe StEaLtH nerfs and the supposed 70% damage reduction nerf on our beloved Scorchbeast Queen (which is another case of absolute bullshit spewed out of the mouths of people that have NO idea how coding works) shows that this subreddit is in a dire need of checking themselves before we KEEP UPVOTING FAKE NEWS.


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