Fo76 got way to much hate and it genuinely angers me

fallout 2 - Fo76 got way to much hate and it genuinely angers me

I consider myself a Fallout fan, I've got hundreds of hours in Fallout 1 and 2, and many more hours in New Vegas, 3, and 4. I got to level 84 before I stopped playing f76.

I had a suspicion that fo76 wasn't going to do very well, the idea of making the setting only a few years after the bombs fell didn't really sit well with me and other people, but to the extent that people criticized it and belittled it was really shocking, I was having actually a lot of fun playing f76 and to see people dismiss it as shit-tier garbage was really shocking to me. Let me explain why I enjoyed this game.

The Bugs: Many of the bugs people were describing never happened to me, probably because I played it a few months after release, I know shipping a game out with countless bugs is a scummy business practice, but atleast they got their shit together, despite this the only bugs I encountered was a few crashes and nothing game breaking, but what game doesn't have a few problems and crashes? I've yet to a see a "perfect" game with no crashes, if i've played a game for more than a few sittings a crash or problem is bound to happen eventually. People described the game as still being a buggy mess months after release, but It never was for me, I'm pretty sure this just boils down to people already on the f76 hate bandwagon trying to dig up more material to hate it for.

Atom Store: There were a few people getting angry about this shouting "muh microtransactions on a already bad game" None of the things purchaseable in the atom shop affect stats, they're all cosmetic. Earning Atoms through normal gameplay is also possible, although it's really slow it's possible. What's there to get angry about?

Gameplay mechanics: No one in this game is going to actively be a douchebag and nuke your house, micspam, kill you over and over again. I've only had one scenario where someone was being a asshole and killing me over and over again, over the course of leveling 1 – 84 and a alt from 1 – 17, and I could of avoided it if I didn't attack back. PVP in f76 is completely avoidable if the person you're trying to attack isn't fighting back as it doesn't do any damage until they retaliate. And the nuking, I remember seeing a meme that said something like "5 mins into f76 and someone is already nuking my house" This is so fucking false, the only two places people nuke is in Whitesprings for XP and Legendary farming and the place where you fight the Scorchbeast Queen in Cranberry Bog, I've literally never seen anyone else nuke another location.

The Bag: I'm pretty sure everyone who bought the Power Armor edition had their eyes on the Power Armor helmet, no one really payed attention to the bag in the corner until the controversy started. Maybe one person who bought the special edition were like " WHERE'S MY FUCKING CANVAS BAG???!!! " when they found out it was nylon, most people were probably like " wait what the bag's nylon? well I guess that kinda sucks okay" I still think the way bethesda reacted to the situation was really shitty, especially when they just gave everyone 500 atoms to try to make up for it was extremely shitty of them. But to the extent people went after them over this bag; The way people reacted was like Bethesda just shipped everyone who bought the Power Armor edition nothing but the game itself, no helmet no bag. It's still really shitty of bethesda for their actions but think about it, everyone was already refunding F76 anyway, they didn't get as money as they expected and were forced to change the material. People on the fuck bethesda train were probably just trying to dig up fresh hate against bethesda to fuel the bandwagon a few months more.


Before I transition into the next segment, I'd like to talk about The Bandwagon. Fallout 76 is at worst, a mediocre effort. I'm pretty sure the entire wave of Fallout 76 hate could be linked back to some petty scumbag game journalist making a negative article that just sparked the bomb, that broke down the floodgates of f76 hate.

This video is a prime example of The Bandwagon, all this soggy phleomlord is doing is autistically screeching " FALLOUT 76 IS BAD REEEEEE " He describes fallout 76 as an effortless cash grab, but his video is a effortless cash grab. Just like everyone and their grandma were making fun of The Fine Bros a few years back, the same thing has happened with fallout 76, the first 15 minutes is just him saying it's bad with no explanation or actual review, and everything else is just him stretching out a few points to cover the maximum length possible. And a few of them admittedly hold some water, but barely at all. Like how he says "muh micspam" and records himself playing while someone plays music on their mic, but he goes into some autism fueled rage and starts screaming over a little micspam when he can just mute him.

Now let me talk about all the good things I've experienced playing F76, everyone was saying "muh scavenging is tedious" Your quest to find resources in f76 drives you to find new, dangerous, and interesting places, the combat in these places and trying to collect power armor is pretty fun too. Walking through the beautiful woods while listening to Take me Home, Country Roads while you're going from location to location is rather peaceful, exploring West Virginia's countryside in general is really peaceful. The "main Quest" in f76 is admittedly, shit, but your own personal objectives are the fun of it, I remember when I first got X-01 armor. If you didn't know, the best power armor in the game is X-01, you have to get to late game to unlock it and it takes a FUCK ton of resources to make a complete set, building it after all the effort I put into it felt exhilarating. And the pay off is well worth it, it's basically god armor. The people on f76 are genuinely nice, the worst that's gonna happen is people are just gonna ignore you. No one is going to go out of your way to fuck with you, the guy in the angry review said "people are naturally assholes", that couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to F76. Fighting the Scorchbeast Queen aka F76's Final boss is also one of the best designed parts of the game; this is gonna sound sarcastic but it felt like I was in Vietnam, There were like 12 other dudes in power armor there, bullets and shooting everywhere, there's trenches everyone is hiding in and people are getting picked off one by one, it's hard to describe but is a really intense experience that makes it feel like you were thrown into the frontline of Vietnam. Throughout the whole ordeal of fighting the boss you won't hear a second go by without silence being filled in with gunfire.

Now i'm not just disregarding all the stuff that F76 and Bethesda did wrong, there's still plenty of broken shit like how Scorchbeast's attack clip through walls and do stupid damage and are generally a annoying as hell enemy to fight, and how there's still some bugs, I'm just saying it got way to much of a backlash for a at-worst mediocre game,

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